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The Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode 1 Wrap-Up

Team Lesnar
Head Coach: Brock Lesnar
Assistant Coaches: Luke Richardson (Strength/Conditioning), Marty Morgan (Wrestling), Erik Paulson (Jiu-Jitsu), Rodrigo Medeiros (Jiu-Jitsu), Greg Nelson (General)
Fighters: Len Bentley, Charlie Radar, Tony Ferguson, Clay Harvison, Myles Jury (Injured), Chris Cope, Nordin Asrih, Chuck O’Neil

Team Dos Santos
Head Coach: Junior dos Santos
Assistant Coaches: Lew Polley (Wrestling), Luiz Dorea (Boxing), Billy Schiebe (Muay Thai)
Fighters: Shamar Bailey, Ryan McGillivray, Javier Torres, Ramsey Nijem, Zach Davis, Nick Bowman, Keon Caldwell

General Information: All fighters compete at welterweight. There is no elimination round on this season aka no “fight your way into the house” round. The wild card is being brought back and the winner of the wildcard fight will get the eighth spot in the quarterfinal round. Lesnar picked the first fighter, Dos Santos picked the first fight.

Injuries: Myles Jury – Torn ACL/Major Knee Injury. Was advised not to fight and had to leave the show to get his knee fixed. Was replaced by Chuck O’Neil.

House Stories/Drama: None
Gym Stories/Drama: None

Fight Announcement: Shamar Bailey (Team Dos Santos) vs. Nordin Asrih (Team Lesnar) as picked by Junior Dos Santos
The Fight: The first round was all Bailey. He took down Asrih at will and controlled him the entire round. Asrih offered very little off his back although Bailey did very little damage on top outside of a flurry or two. The second round was more of the same. Asrih actually got on top for a brief moment early in the round but Bailey quickly reversed him. Bailey did end the final minute of the round in mount, landing some good elbows. An easy decision victory of Bailey.
Result: Shamar Bailey (Team Dos Santos) def. Nordin Asrih (Team Lesnar) via Unanimous Decision

Shamar Bailey Report: He was Dos Santos’ first overall pick and one of the more well-known fighters on the show. While it wasn’t the most impressive performance ever, it was enough to get the job done. It would have been nice if he finished the fight given all the dominant positions he had though.

Nordin Asrih Report: Very bad showing. He was easily put on his back and looked like a fish out of water on the ground. He was Lesnar’s last pick and it showed.

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