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The Other Odds for “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley”

Betting on professional sports is a tradition as old as watching professional sports. The only difference is one of them may make you unable to pay your rent. Some of us like to play the odds to try and fatten our wallets when an MMA event rolls around, but others are either too broke, too lazy, or just plain too wimpy to bet on which guy will win in a sport where pretty much anything can happen. For those of us who enjoy looking at bets but not making them, I’ve composed a few betting lines for this weekend’s Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley event.

Remember: this article for entertainment purposes only and you should not try to take anything I say seriously. That’s what my family does and it seems to have worked out alright for them.

Odds on this weekend‘s card being “business as usual”: 100 to 1 – We all know that Zuffa will be making changes to the Strikeforce product as time goes on, but I doubt we’ll see that many differences in place this weekend (aside from fighters using elbows on the ground). The production side of things is still controlled by Showtime, although I don’t think I’d be that surprised if Strikeforce decided to show a preliminary fight or two if there’s time on the main broadcast (especially with DREAM Featherweight Champion Hiroyuki Takaya making his Strikeforce debut on the undercard). Otherwise I expect this will still look like your normal Strikeforce event, although I think I might still have to freak out just a little when a commercial for UFC 129 comes on.

Odds on Paul Daley doing something stupid after his fight with Nick Diaz: 50 to 1 – I don’t expect Daley to deliver another sucker punch special after he loses to Diaz, but then again you never know. I don’t expect Daley to incite Team Cesar Gracie into another cage-clearing brawl, but then again you never know. I don’t expect Daley to use whatever mic time he gets to badmouth his new old bosses, but…actually this one is probably pretty likely.

Odds on Keith Jardine getting re-signed to the UFC if he beats Gegard Mousasi: 1 to 1 – We all know that Dana White is a big Keith Jardine fan, and if “The Dean of Mean” can pull off the upset this weekend I have no doubt he’ll be back in the octagon before the end of the year. After all he was a model employee during his time in the UFC, and he even got a win over Chuck Liddell back before that was the cool thing that everybody was doing.

Odds on Keith Jardine beating Gegard Mousasi: 1,000 to 1 – Apologies to any Jardine fans but it’s just not happening. Mousasi hits too fast and too hard for Jardine’s notoriously weak chin to hold up, and it’s not as if Jardine has the wrestling acumen to follow “King Mo” Lawal’s example for beating Mousasi. At the age of 35 Jardine is clearly on the downward tail of his career, so I for one will be hoping that this fight is mercifully short and sweet.

Odds on people remembering that Gilbert Melendez is fighting: 500 to 1 – I just don’t get it. Melendez is always talking about how he’s the best lightweight in the world, yet he resigns with Strikeforce (before the Zuffa deal) rather than try to jump to the UFC and face the other top guys in his division. He shows consistent loyalty to Strikeforce despite the fact that the company has done little to no promotion for any of his fights. On top of that they’ve left him (and the Strikeforce Lightweight Championship) out in the cold for the last year. Melendez really is one of the best in the world at 155 lbs., so here’s hoping he gets the chance to prove it soon against some fresh competition. Otherwise he’s going to be stuck beating the same guys he’s already beaten, which is exactly what I expect he’ll do this weekend against Tatsuya Kawajiri.

Odds on a referee being assaulted for doing his job: 10 to 1 – Oh wait, Mike Kyle isn’t on the card anymore. Nevermind.

Odds on Frank Shamrock making some sort of statement to try and patch things up with the UFC: 10,000 to 1 – Maybe I’m being too cynical here. I’m sure that whatever is going on with Shamrock and Dana White can be resolved now that they’re all under the same banner. I mean, it’s not like Shamrock has blamed Dana for MMA’s problems getting regulated in New York. There may be some bad blood between the two, but it isn’t as though they’ve resorted to name-calling. I’m sure they’ll be able to patch things up, even if Shamrock did start an anti-bullying charity in response to Dana’s comments. All water under the bridge, I’m sure.

Odds on Lyle Beerbohm actually choosing to go to the ground with Shinya Aoki: 100 to 1 – I know Beerbohm has said in interviews that he’s not afraid of Aoki’s ground game but he can’t seriously believe that, can he? It would be foolish of “Fancy Pants” to mess around with Aoki on the mat, especially given the fact that it’s widely known how weak the DREAM Lightweight Champion is in the stand-up department. As long as Beerbohm can avoid the takedowns he should have a clear path to the biggest win of his life, but if he decides to mess around on the floor then it’s his funeral.

Odds on a group of UFC fighters showing up at the arena and kicking off some sort of “Invasion” angle: 1,000,000 to 1 – Sorry fanboy, but Wrestlemania was last weekend.

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