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Thiago Silva makes stark admissions at NSAC hearing for failed drug test

Disgraced UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva stood in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission earlier today as part of a hearing in relation to having tested positive for a masking agent in his urine earlier this year and spoke very openly about his actions as well as what drove him to try and cheat the system.

Specifically, Silva admitted undergoing a series of steroid injections in his back to address a chronic back injury he’s suffered from for years, including one approximately thirty days before his fight at UFC 125 with Brandon Vera, then pouring a vial of doctored urine into a cup while his back was turned to the NSAC inspector overseeing the procedure at the event. When asked if he felt similar actions happened with regularity in MMA Silva responded in an affirmative fashion.

As far as reasoning, besides simply a means of trying to address the pain of three herniated discs, the Brazilian striker also referred to being broke and the desperation he felt in regards to providing for his family.

After listening to Silva and admitting their own fault in terms of not having detected his deception at the time of occurrence the NSAC made their ruling with the ATT-trained competitor’s punishment including a significant fine ($33,750 total), a year-long suspension, and the performance against Vera being changed to a “No Contest” rather than remaining a victory.


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