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Coach Lew Polley believes Dos Santos “didn’t care” about his team on TUF

Every season of the Ultimate Fighter inevitably features at least one person who takes issue with the style or attitude employed by a coach. TUF 13 has been no exception to the rule only a few episodes in, as Brock Lesnar’s labeling of his group as “chickensh*t” and the intensity of Team Dos Santos’ workouts have already been the subject of contention with more than one competitor.

However, breaking from the standard mold, one of Junior Dos Santos’ assistant coaches has come forward with some harsh criticism directed at the Brazilian after having been told in the most recent episode to tone down his assertiveness in the training room.

Lew Polley, whose experience and work ethic as a successful amateur grappler have been evident throughout the season thus far, took to his Twitter late Wednesday night and questioned not only Dos Santos’ sincerity on camera but commitment to his team in general.

“I think JDS just wanted to be liked by Americans and he went the safe route by being fake nice,” Polley began. “This is not the real JDS. It’s bullsh*t.”

“He didn’t care about the guys,” the 29-year old continued. “He gets to fight Brock. His dream is set. What does he care? Why am I the only one still helping the guys?”

Polley, who also fights professionally with a 10-4 record to his credit, then elaborated on why the subject made him so emotional before moving on to other topics, citing his frustration at how little Dos Santos is promoting the show or his team through media as one of his reasons.

“He doesn’t mention the show, the guys…nothing. He is the famous one, not me.”

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