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More than half-a-million in performance bonuses handed out at UFC 129

UFC 129 cemented its place in history this past weekend as the most successful Mixed Martial Arts event to grace a North American arena given the card’s record-breaking attendance and a live gate of over $12 million. Staying in line with the scope of the show, the UFC has issued a quartet of event-specific bonus checks totaling $516,000 to a foursome of deserving athletes who wowed viewers in attendance and at home with their memorable performances in Toronto.

Though facing stiff competition in the category after a number of scintillating strike-based finishes, taking home $129,000 for “Knockout of the Night” was Lyoto Machida for his fight-ending front face kick sending opponent Randy Couture into unconsciousness, retirement, and likely a dentist’s office after losing a tooth in the exchange.

“Fight of the Night” and the attached pair of $129,000 paychecks went to featherweight champion Jose Aldo and courageous contender Mark Hominick for their five round title affair. The two 145ers battled it out for twenty-five minutes in a contest leaving Aldo appearing to be a bit more human than before and Hominick looking slightly less so given his display of heart while suffering from a severely bruised and battered head.

Finally, “Submission of the Night” went to 11-1 Pablo Garza after opening up the event after eventually sinking in a Flying Triangle Choke forcing foe Yves Jabouin to tap out with thirty seconds remaining in the bout’s opening frame.


  • Last night was one of the better fight cards in awhile…that Aldo Hominick fight was damn near priceless…some outstanding boxing on both guys behalf.
    and if Machida didnt earn that KO of the night…no one ever deserves one again that was priceless

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  • MCM says:

    I wouldn’t call them “priceless” superdave, I’d probably put a price of $129k on each. ;)

    Great night of fights and exactly the picks I would have chosen for OTN honors too. I was watching the fight at the bar and after the Aldo/Hominick fight I was ready to call it a night. And I wasn’t the only one, there were a couple of people that totally forgot the GSP fight was on the card. (just to bitch, what moron judge gave Aldo 50-43?)
    The Garza flying triangle was a hell of a way to start off the night, and I think really set the pace for the rest of the show.
    I think this was one of the best UFC cards since 116.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    definitely one of the best UFC cards for a long time

    personally preferred the Bocek/Henderson fight as fotn night, but what do i know….

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    garza was average at best at this level-Lyoto under the advisement of Seagal was classic-Hate all you want-but Seagall is a bonafied instructor at the maximum level

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    You gotta love the sniper glasses

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    also i know Jason Macdonalds triangle wasnt as flashy as Garza but the set up was supreme bjj. Not sure why Ryan Jensen was there at all though, think he was 2-5 in the UFC over 2 periods, can’t believe there was no one else available. well chuffed for Jason tho after that nasty injury

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  • climbarock says:

    The Garza/Jaboine fight was excellent, if a bit short, and the flying triangle was superb…FOTN, no doubt.

    Machida landed the Crane Kick…the MF’in CRANE KICK! That’s a lock for KOTN.

    Valiant effort by Hominick, but he was soundly out-pointed by Aldo. Excellent display of striking, nonetheless. I was surprised Aldo wasn’t willing to stand with Hominick. But, FOTN was most definitely Ben Henderson vs Bocek. That fight was great, even if it was 30-27 unanimously.

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  • BigDave says:

    I was there and believe me lyoto should not have gotten kotn. makdessi’s spinning back fist ko of Watson was a thing of beauty.

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  • stone says:

    As much money as the UFC made and how good most of these “no-namers” (to the casual fan) performed, every fighter should have gotten a bonus… All 5 or 6 finished fights, the ben henderson fight and the aldo fight were extremely entertaining… The GsP/sheilds fight was borring fight of the night BFOTN! Hahahah… If the prelim/undercard wouldve been as lame as the GSP fight, this would have been the biggest rip-off ever… Dana & the UFC need to thank the “no-namers” for this great card! Share the wealth Zuffa!

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think we should have seen duel kootn awards as Makdessi got a huge ko over Watson with the only spinning backfist KO I have ever seen. I knoe Carter got Serra with one but I have only seen replays of this and it looked great as well.

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    In all honesty Makdessi deserved the KO of the night hands down

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  • JBAR says:

    I think Machida’s Kick and Makdessi’s spinning backfist were equally impressive. The thing in my mind that tips the scale in Machida’s favor is that he was able to execute and catch Randy which is more impressive to me than catching Watson.

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