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CSAC reverses course on Chael Sonnen after misinterpretation of policy

A glimmer of hope for Chael Sonnen sprang forth from the dark cloud currently hovering over his career after the California State Athletic Commission came forward on Friday to announce they’d erred in how his case had been handled and that the outspoken middleweight would actually be eligible to reapply for a license after June 29 of this year rather than in mid-2012 as had originally been expected.

According to a statement from the CSAC, officials mistakenly interpreted a rule stating a fighter whose license had been “revoked” or “denied” would be forced to wait a year before appealing for reinstatement or applying for a new license. However, as neither term applied to the actual status of Sonnen’s license, as the press release phrased it, “the rule does not apply” either.

Yesterday’s change came on the heels of the CSAC’s previous decision to hand out an indefinite suspension running until the middle of next year based on Sonnen’s role in a federal money laundering case and disingenuous testimony during a recent appeal relating to having shown elevated levels of testosterone after fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 117 – a ruling Sonnen said would effectively end his career as a Mixed Martial Artist.

Assuming he chooses to file for a license in California once his current suspension for the positive drug test runs out in late June, next up for the brash grappler is another date in front of the CSAC where the commission will again pass sentence on his status. If the board maintains their stance from this past week at the meeting and denies Sonnen’s application he will then be forced to sit on the sidelines for another year where licensing is concerned.


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