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Nick Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre on cusp of coming to fruition

When the UFC purchased Strikeforce earlier this year the notion of cross-promotional match-ups went from being a fan’s dream to one founded in reality. Now, with welterweight champions Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz having both essentially cleaned out their respective promotion’s 170-pound division, it looks like a “super-fight” between the two should indeed take place at some point in 2011 and possibly in GSP’s backyard of Montreal this December.

The rumor mill on the prospective pairing first heated up late last week with a meeting between Diaz and UFC President Dana White and a report from indicating a source close to the situation had informed them a deal was “imminent” and could be announced within the next few days.

Now word has come by way of a press release from the boxing-side of Diaz’s camp stating the polarizing pugilist would forgo a stint in the sweet science and focus on Mixed Martial Arts due to the “opportunity of a lifetime”. The Stockton native’s manager and trainer, Cesar Gracie, also threw fuel to the fire created by the official statement, adding, “At this point in time, there’s a certain chance that comes along once in a very long while and it only makes sense to stick to MMA as of right now.”

Though the specific nature of the “opportunity” and “chance” are left up to speculation it doesn’t appear difficult to read between the lines given the present circumstances involved. Whether the fight would take place at 170 pounds or at a catchweight to avoid championship implications is still unknown at this point. Stay tuned to Five Ounces for updates as this potentially groundbreaking story continues to evolve!


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