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The Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode 10 Wrap-Up

Team Lesnar
Head Coach: Brock Lesnar
Assistant Coaches: Luke Richardson (Strength/Conditioning), Marty Morgan (Wrestling), Erik Paulson (Jiu-Jitsu), Rodrigo Medeiros (Jiu-Jitsu), Greg Nelson (General)
Fighters: Len Bentley, Charlie Radar, Tony Ferguson, Clay Harvison, Myles Jury (Injured), Chris Cope, Nordin Asrih, Chuck O’Neil

Team Dos Santos
Head Coach: Junior dos Santos
Assistant Coaches: Lew Polley (Wrestling), Luiz Dorea (Boxing), Billy Schiebe (Muay Thai)
Fighters: Shamar Bailey, Ryan McGillivray, Javier Torres, Ramsey Nijem, Zach Davis, Mick Bowman, Keon Caldwell

Scoreboard: Team Lesnar leads 7-5

General Information: Both semifinal fights are three rounds.

Gym Stories/Drama: None
House Stories/Drama: Tony Ferguson apologized to Charlie Radar and the rest of the team for his drunken antics Chuck O’Neil wasn’t buying his apology.


Fight Announcement: Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos) vs. Chris Cope (Team Lesnar) in a Semifinal Fight
The Fight: Outside of a couple of flurries, almost the entire first four minutes of round one was spent with Ramsey controlling the clinch and trying a takedown. Chris never really went down though and made Ramsey pay with hammerfists. The final minute was fought at striking range but neither man got anything going. Very close first round. The second round started slow but Ramsey started tagging Chris with an overhand right. After Chris stuffed another takedown, Ramsey swarmed on him with a flurry of strikes and ended it with a right that dropped Chris, forcing the ref to stop thing.
Result: Ramsey Nijem def. Chris Cope via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)

Ramsey Nijem Report: Pretty good performance by Ramsey. I think he expected to takedown Chris with ease but that didn’t happen. Credit him for staying aggressive though and finishing the fight.

Chris Cope Report: Chris never really got anything going on his feet thanks to the pressure of Ramsey. His takedown defense was once again solid but he got overwhelmed at the end.

Fight Announcement: Tony Ferguson (Team Lesnar) vs. Chuck O’Neil (Team Lesnar) in a Semifinal Fight
The Fight: First round was all on the feet. Chuck did his best to land couter shots but Tony was the aggressor and landed some big power punches. Second round was more of the same and Tony even busted the nose of Chuck with a jab. Tony was just the aggressor the whole time and landed the more damaging strikes. Third round was more of the same although Tony started working the body more, he dropped Chuck halfway through the round, and then finished him moments later.
Result: Tony Ferguson def. Chuck O’Neil via TKO Round 3 (Punches)

Tony Ferguson Report: Strong performance. He ate up Chuck with punches and short leg kicks. His boxing looked superb and the best thing was that he didn’t coast in the third round, he instead turned it up and finished the fight.

Chuck O’Neil Report: I didn’t see much from Chuck in this fight. He showed very little defense and just wouldn’t commit to his punches.

The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finals Fight: Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos) vs. Tony Ferguson (Team Lesnar)

Eliminated Fighters: Myles Jury, Nordin Asrih, Keon Caldwell, Len Bentley, Charlie Radar, Mick Bowman, Justin Edwards, Javier Torres, Clay Harvison, Shamar Bailey, Zach Davis, Ryan McGillivray, Chris Cope, Chuck O’Neil

  • MCM says:

    Tony Ferguson may be a world class Asshole, but he’s gonna give alot of guys problems with his striking. He has the cleanest striking I’ve ever seen out of anybody coming through TUF and may have some of the cleanest striking in the division.

    For all those fighters that hate being on the end of a “Couture-esq” clinch game, I’ve got two words for you. Chris Cope. I swear Cope’s entire strategy is to get his back pushed up against the cage and spend the round stuffing take downs and delivering hammer fists. It aint pretty or exciting, but it’s hella effective. Cope is one of the fighters, like Cody McKenzie, that comes off the show, won’t make a ton of noise in the division, won’t fight for the title, but is gonna have a lot of fans no matter what.

    Not the best season of TUF. Very little coach drama, aside from Brock calling his team “Chicken Shit” and JDS have a strong desire to hug and pick up smaller men, but at least the fights were decent. I don’t believe we’ll see many UFC main stays come out of this season, but there may be a few that could be something in a couple of years.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Ferguson has the tools to be a force. His striking in the O’Neil fight was damn impressive, and it’s light years ahead of Nijem’s. If Nijem has as much trouble taking Ferguson down as he had trying to take Cope down, Nijem won’t go the distance.

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    thank the Lord it’s over

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  • TerribleT says:

    Tony admitted he made a terrible mistake,apologized for it several times,then took the high road not letting the cold shoulder treatment from the rest of Team Lesnar bother him what so ever which actually made me go from not liking him to liking and respecting him now.Then he put on a striking clinic on Chuck(I’m gonna take away his dream)O’Neil. Yeah what Chuck said was ridiculous.Gonna take away Tony’s dreams huh? Chuck should’ve only been concerned with his own dreams and if he would’ve won Tony losing his dreams would’ve been a by product of his win but it should never have been his goal, his own dreams of being The Ultimate Fighter should’ve been,period.

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