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Tony Ferguson turns in “Knockout of the Night” at TUF 13 Finale

Newly crowned “Ultimate Fighter” Tony Ferguson had a layer of icing added to an already sweet evening on Saturday after his first frame finish of fellow TUF 13 finalist Ramsey Nijem was named “Knockout of the Night” and earned him an additional $40,000 on top of the standard season-winner’s six-figure contract.

The fight-sealing sequence came in the last few minutes of opening round action and capped off a highly-successful run for Ferguson on the Ultimate Fighter Season 13 including a series of strike-based wins over Justin Edwards, Ryan McGillivray, and Chuck O’Neil to advance as one-half of last night’s headlining bout.

Also awarded event-specific bonuses for their efforts over the weekend, Kyle Kingsbury and Fabio Maldonado received “Fight of the Night” for a back-and-forth affair featuring a plethora of powerful knees out of Kingsbury’s clinch with Maldonado’s response often involving well-placed hooks to his opponent’s face and torso. Though the 29-year old “Kingsbu” ultimately earned a unanimous nod from the judges for his performance his face told the true tale of their bout including his left eye being swollen completely shut.

Finally, Reuben Duran was handed “Submission of the Night” and the attached cash for having procured the event’s lone tap-out, a Rear-Naked Choke coming a little less than midway through the third round of his hotly contested match-up with Francisco Rivera.



    I think Ferguson’s striking is precision personified to say the least-also-look for him in the future to drop down to LW and make a run

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    watched most of the event on FF
    i dont mind watching low level or amateur fights but i dont want the commentators blowing things out of all proportions like we are watching elite level fighters just cos they are under the UFC promotion.
    Being told Kyle Kinsbury has crisp boxing and Fabio Maldonado has beautiful hands was pretty insulting. that may be the worst FOTN i’ve seen in a long time, doesnt say much for the rest of the card.
    Guida won via Greg Jackson school of point fighting, taking an average fighter and making him a winner, its genius really, dull as fuck but genius
    and i’ll be gutted if Guida gets a shot with out going through Jim Miller

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  • MCM says:

    I enjoyed the Kingsbury/Maldonado fight. I thought either one of those guys was going down at any moment. It wasn’t the most technical or most skilled fight I’ve ever seen, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I also wouldn’t have minded it George Roop got the KOTN. I know it wasn’t a true KO and he was beating Grispi to a pulp the whole fight, but ending a fight with a punch to the body is damn impressive.

    side note,
    Dana said Miller is next in line for a title shot. But I’m pretty sure he’ll give it to Guida if Bendo takes the win.

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    The KIngsbury-Maldonado fight was action packed-Also the rest of the card was entertaining

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