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Brett Rogers arrested for beating wife, endangering children

Heavyweight Brett Rogers was booked early Wednesday morning on four counts including three felonies and a gross misdemeanor stemming from a domestic incident leaving his wife bloody and beaten while his school age old daughter attempted to intervene.

Zuffa officials have not commented on the matter other than UFC President Dana White confirming the company has immediately severed professional ties with Rogers.

According to the official complaint filed by an Apple Valley law enforcement officer, a unit responding to a caller’s concern about sounds of breaking glass and a woman screaming in his neighbor’s house prompted an eventual conversation between police and the 30-year old fighter during which Rogers, who exhibited signs of intoxication and admitted to having consumed alcohol, claimed his wife had hit him and he responded in kind.

Rogers gave permission to search the premises for his wife, T.R., who was not located until later upon which she was discovered to have “obvious signs of injury on her face, including a golf ball size bump above her left eyebrow, a bump on her right eyebrow, one in the middle of her forehead, injuries to her ears and jaw,” plus, “blood on her face and a missing tooth.” She was also noted to have neck/back injuries likely related to a later admission by T.R. that Rogers had put both hands around her neck and choked her in addition to having followed her outside, then “got her on the ground and began hitting her about her head and face, causing her to ‘black out’.”

Additional investigation produced to multiple witness accounts from neighbors, who corroborated her account of the situation, as well as statements from the couple’s nine and ten year old daughters. According to the youngest child, she shouted for her father to stop repeatedly pushing her mother up against a cabinet, while the elder sibling said she had seen her father hit her mother before and that he’d been physically abusive towards her and her sister within the last two years.

The former Strikeforce title-contender made a court appearance earlier today where he was specifically charged with Third Degree Assault, Domestic Assault by Strangulation, Pattern of Stalking Conduct, and Endangerment of a Child. If fully convicted Rogers could face up to a maximum of nineteen years in prison and fine of $38,000.

The outlook certainly appears grim for the 6’5” striker who was seen as one of the hottest prospects in his division after a 10-0 start with ten finishing performances. However, Rogers has been put away in three of his last four bouts with the most recent instance being Josh Barnett‘s submission of him in the Strikeforce World Grand Prix earlier this month. With this week’s news Rogers now has a much harder fight ahead of him and one he can’t afford to lose – seeking the necessary help and getting his life back together.


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