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Nate Marquardt cleared by PSAC to fight again

The first major step in Nate Marquardt’s return to the ring came earlier today when the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission agreed to lift his suspension in the State, thus giving Marquardt a green light to compete again without risk of additional punishment related to the board’s previous decision.

Five Ounces of Pain was able to confirm the change in status through PSAC Executive Director Greg Sirb in addition to the fighter’s management team at Alchemist MMA.

News of Marquardt’s suspension, albeit a short-lived one, first surfaced a little less than three weeks ago after being yanked from a June 26 event the day of weigh-ins due to having shown an inordinate amount of testosterone in his body. The 32-year old was promptly released by the UFC before coming out a few days later to explain the situation was not as fishy as originally perceived by the public.

According to Marquardt, the abnormal results were due to treatment for a lack of testosterone in his body and had been doctor-recommended. He also explained he had been cleared by New Jersey’s athletic board before a March fight with the same scenario in place and had been in active communication with the PSAC prior to the stumble last month at UFC Live 4.

With today’s news Marquardt will now be free to move forward with his career and put the controversy behind him. Though nothing official is in place, the most likely landing spot for the 31-10-2 former title-contender appears to be Bellator with other possible options of course including DREAM, MFC, or even a handful of one-offs in a smaller organization.


  • Creature says:

    Dana needs to just admit he made a mistake and jumped the gun when he fired marquardt and just re-sign him.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Wonder if Bellator is making a play for him or are they letting the drama cool off before they give it a go…?

    I like to see Lombard and him square off… shit even Askren was calling him out…

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Sonnens back whats the difference. Id like to see nate right back in da mix facing screech looking dude that beat story.the way theyput sonnen back on hes a way better ass kisser.

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  • silkshot61 says:

    A company like Bellator would benefit greatly from a guy like Nate. He’s marketable, consistent, and has draw power. Even the most casual fan would watch him fight Askren or Hector. In all honesty though Dana has to man up and resign him, it’s not like Nate deliberately cheated in order to gain an edge.

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