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Drew Fickett released by MFC after knockout loss to Tatsuya Kawajiri

The tides have turned on Drew Fickett after an impressive run over the past year gave way to a pair of consecutive defeats and his subsequent release from Canadian promotion Maximum Fighting Championship. The 41-15 grappler was stopped by strikes last weekend at a DREAM event by widely respected powerhouse Tatsuya Kawajiri.

“Drew had the consent of the MFC to fight in Japan, but he and his management were expressly told that if he lost badly again he would be released, and therefore Drew has been released,” explained MFC President Mark Pavelich in an official press release. “I will not have guys coming and going from the MFC and thinking what they do in other organizations won’t have an effect on where they stand in the Maximum Fighting Championship. I have a lot of respect for Drew especially in the way he turned his life around and I wish him the best of luck in his future.”

Fickett had won five straight bouts including a trio of victories last September in a single-night tournament before suffering back-to-back TKOs against Kawajiri and Brian Cobb last month in what could be his final MFC appearance. The 31-year old lightweight has submitted thirty of the opponents he’s beaten including Kurt Pellegrino and Josh Koscheck. He also holds past wins over Edwin Dewees, Charles Bennett, Josh Neer, and Ken Florian.


  • Guthookd says:

    Damn it. I hope he gets a regional win and heads straight back to MFC or Shark. I like him. His grappling is high level. That tourney they referenced in this post was a fucking awesome night of fights….as I recall he got a standing guillotine.

    Best of luck Drew. Don’t go fucking up now. Straight back to the gym.

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    Put him in Strikeforce Challengers(where he belongs)-Should be exciting

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  • MCM says:

    Strikeforce Challengers!? The guy would be at the top of the SF LW ladder.
    But I actually have to agree with Pavelich. How many times have we seen a contracted fighter dominate one org and then take a fight in another org only to loose, thereby diminishing the reputation of his original contract. Aoki comes to mind right off the bat. Wins and losses should count, doesn’t matter who you’re fighting for when they happen. But I still prefer the 3 strikes rule.

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    Where else would he legitimately fit?-Maybe Bellator

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