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Phil Baroni faces Yoshiyuki Yoshida at September event featuring PRIDE rules

“The New York Bad Ass” of old is back…in a manner of speaking, that is.

While Phil Baroni’s form has been up and down over the past few years, the fan-favorite from Long Island has agreed to face fellow UFC veteran Yoshiyuki Yoshida on September 3 in Singapore at the opening event for newly formed promotion One FC where a combination of unified and PRIDE rules will be used. Baroni went 3-2 in the famed Japanese organization including victories over Ryo Chonan and Ikuhisa Minowa.

Their match-up along with other bouts expected on the card were announced through a press release earlier today. As far as the parameters of the pairings, kicks and knees to a grounded opponent are expected to be allowed, as will elbows, with the fight to be contested inside a cage.

Baroni is coming off a win last March at Titan FC 17 after dropping three straight in the UFC/Strikeforce. Though his overall record may only be 14-13, the 35-year old striker has earned a reputation for never failing to entertain whether in front of a microphone, during his trademark walk down to the ring, or while slugging it out against an adversary.

Though Yoshida may not be known for the same brashness as Baroni, his flare for finishing foes is equal with ten stoppages in twelve total victories including two inside the Octagon. Among his past victims are Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver, Luis Santos, Katsuya Inoue, and Akira Kikuchi.

The rest of the announced One FC lineup thus far is as follows:

Eduard Folayang vs. Ole Laursen
Mitch Chilson vs. Eric Kelly
Gregor Gracie vs. Wang Sai
Andy Wang vs. Zorobabel Moreira



    It is so funny how Japan or Asian MMA markets get so much press-when in reality they couldn’t make it to the try outs on a future TUF season-Let’s face it-American trained fighters are the cream of the crop-Brazil is a close second

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    so what no one else should bother trying?
    its funny cos i’d much rather watch Eduard Folayang, Ole Laursen Gregor Gracie and Wang Sai fight than most of the last half dozen winners of TUF, let alone the fuckwits who don’t get anywhere near winning and still get a UFC contract based on acting like a twat on tv.
    if you took the cream of the crop from singapore, phillapines, china or malaysia (who all tend to be the lower weight classes) and put them against all but the winners on the last few seasons of TUF, i guarentee you wouldnt see a North American whitewash, guarentee it
    try watching some of these guys fight before putting gobshites like Chris fucking Cope and Chuck O’Neill ahead of them in the pecking order.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t be quick to put fighters outside of the America’s down… there’s competition out there but there is no exposure and it is true that TUF vets get some love that they don’t deserve… shit I watched a local show in PA about 3 weeks ago and some of the guys looked more skilled and better conditioned then some of the mutts that got there 15 mins on TUF.

    Side Note:
    “Among his past victims are Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver…”

    I saw war machine got out of jail recently… what are the odds he winds up back in there or do you think he changes his ways… or do we just not give a fuck about him?

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    Koppenhaver is a pretty entertaining fighter, but he is a massive cock

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Didn’t he legally change his name to War Machine? I don’t think you need to put quotes around it anymore; or remember how the fuck you spell “Koppenhaver” properly.

    I’m more shocked he hasn’t gotten himself killed. For a while he was talking some insane survivalist nonsense, and running off to live with “savages” in some Asian country.

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    Anyways-Should be a good fight

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