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Andrei Arlovski poised for ProElite debut against 5-2 finisher Ray Lopez

When Andrei Arlovski takes to the ring Hawaii next month for ProElite he will be likely be fighting for far more than a paycheck or victory – his future in MMA may very well be on the line as well. The former UFC heavyweight champ’s reputation, and chin, has taken some major hits over the past few years resulting in some public concern for his health after three particularly nasty knockout losses and a history of being separated from consciousness.

Adding to the necessity of a victory on August 27, it now appears Arlovski will face a relatively unknown opponent who usually enters the cage as a light heavyweight – Ray Lopez. However, while fans may not be familiar with his adversary, the 5-2 Lopez is definitely a threat to Arlovski’s hopes of righting his sinking ship as he’s finished all five of the opponents he’s beaten and notched a fairly fast TKO earlier this month on a King of the Cage card.

The match-up was first reported by MMAFighting and has since been confirmed by other outlets.

The 15-9 Arlovski hasn’t had his hands raised since a run in 2008 netting success against Jake O’Brien, Ben Rothwell, and Roy Nelson. Prior to his recent fall from grace the 32-year old Belarusian was considered to be one of the top fighters in the division with numerous finishes to his credit and wins over Tim Sylvia and Fabricio Werdum.


  • Jstew3785 says:

    I will always be pulling for the Pitbull… Just one of those nostalgic things I guess.

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  • Creature says:

    What really sucks is if Arlovski’s chin hadnt turned into a potato chip.. i honestly think hed still be a top 5 HW.. hes got skills on the ground and has some very fast technical striking

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    Yeah if only Arlovski had a chin, problem is that his first fight he got knocked out by crazy drunk Datsik with some rolling backward kick right to the head. He was out for like 20 minutes I think….

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  • Rece Rock says:

    At least the skid he’s on wasn’t against scrubs… he’s lost to good fighters ( well rogers is decent)… his fight with Fedor he held his own and he went to decision against Big Foot which is better then Fedor faired…

    If he loses this fight I think he takes the express train to Tim Sylviaville…

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  • MCM says:

    not to pick a fight Rece, but how is Timmay’s skid any worse? Big Nog, Fedor, and Mercer (in a “boxing” match).

    AA’s problem is not a new glass chin. Before this recent skid, 4 or his 5 defeats were by (T)KO, but if he doesn’t get hit on right on the “button” he can still hang. His problem is that his “button” is just larger than most.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    I hear yeah MCM… but Abe Wagner & Mercer are really big “L”‘s if you ask me…Plus when was the last time Timmaaay wasn’t fighting at Super HW… I just think that adds to his skid…

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