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Tito Ortiz content with decision to take fight on short notice, gives full respect to Rashad

It wasn’t long ago “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was seen by many as a “bad sport” when it came to his handling of defeat. Known for occasionally bringing up mysterious injuries in the past, such as his infamous “cracked skull” excuse after facing Forrest Griffin at UFC 106, it appears Tito Ortiz has truly turned a corner in his life beyond simply his new attitude towards UFC President Dana White.

When asked about his UFC 133 loss to Rashad Evans in the post-event press conference, Ortiz not only showed a great deal of respect to his fellow former light heavyweight champion but also avoided making a single excuse in relation to his performance.

“I’ve gotta take my hat off to Rashad. He fought a great fight, he took his time, and he didn’t run away. He stood there and he fought with me. And I fought back. I gave it my all,” Ortiz began before talk turned to his health and having stepped in on short notice to face Evans even though he’d fought Ryan Bader a month earlier.

“I can say for the first time in two fights I haven’t been injured, I hadn’t had any problems at all. I felt strong, I felt in shape. My training partners, we all pushed hard,” Ortiz explained. “Taking a fight that close…eh, I can sit there and go, ‘I shouldn’t have done it,’ but I was happy with doing it. Dana asked me if I would step up and I stepped up. I stepped up for the UFC.”

An icon of the Octagon, Ortiz also made it clear he has no intention of hanging up his gloves anytime soon.

“I’ve been here since 1997 and I’m still fighting – I’m still hungry and I still want to fight. I fought a #1 contender tonight on two weeks’ notice and I fought my ass off. And like I said, Rashad was the better man tonight.”


  • Good to see his attitude change….i say if he wants to try to stay relevant let him try…just not too many more times if he fails…give him franklin, lil nog Davis…or if he seriously returns Vera. Why not?

    oh Or Jardine!

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  • Rece Rock says:

    If this was pro wrasslin’ Tito would have the biggest face turn ever… lol… i kid…

    all jokes aside if he keeps this “new” tito attitude around for the few more fights he has left in him he’ll go out on a deservingly high note.. win lose or draw.

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  • MickeyC says:

    I noticed that while Joe was talking to Rashad, Lorenzo & Dana had Tito off to the side talking to him facing away from the camera. Probably reasureing him that he still had a job. This wouyld have no dout had an influence on his after fight attitude.

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  • stone says:

    Tito sells… Bottom line!.. The UFC will force him to retire when its just plain ol’ unhealthy. Basically Tito is on the “Chuck Liddell Plan”

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