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Dan Hardy lives to fight in the Octagon another day, won’t be cut

Despite the widespread belief Dan Hardy would be handed his walking paper with a fourth consecutive loss in the UFC it appears “The Outlaw” will in fact get at least one more shot at snapping his current skid. Hardy was submitted by Chris Lytle in the third round of their main event match-up at UFC Live 5.

According to CEO Lorenzo Fertitta via Twitter, the 29-year old Brit saved his job by turning in an exciting performance, showing that style is nearly as important as substance when it comes to competing on the MMA’s biggest stage.

“Will not cut Hardy…I like guys that war,” wrote Fertitta on the popular social networking outlet.

Hardy started his UFC career off with a quartet of wins including victories over Marcus Davis and Mike Swick but hasn’t had his hands raised in nearly two years with defeats to Georges St. Pierre, Carlos Condit, Anthony Johnson, and most recently Lytle. He holds an overall record of 23-10 with eleven TKOs.


  • G-DUB says:

    Style nearly as important as substance huh? Is this really the message that Lorenzo wants to be sending his fighters? So I guess it’s ok to make little effort to evolve as an MMA fighter, come into the fight overweight and seemingly out of top shape, and lose your 4th in a row …… but as long as you have “style” in doing so and are loved by the people of key market, it’s completely acceptable. Really makes you wonder about Dana and the bunch.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    as long as they keep him out of the main event. Maybe a slot on a prelim thats a good way to start the night of fights. Guy comes in slugging and gets tapped or knocked out.

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  • If that’s the case could you please bring back keith Jardine? He was much more exciting and his fourth loss was more due to him not wanting to touch a guy with a staph infection who shouldnt have been cleared to fight anyway.

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  • Dufresne says:

    I was actually a bit impressed by Hardy’s improved standup, but once it hit the mat he looked as out of place as ever.
    I’m pretty surprised that Hardy didn’t get cut here. Yeah he put on a good how, but as G-DUB pointed out, he came in slightly overweight (I know he made weight in less than an hour, but still) and not only has he lost his last 4 fight, but he got clownd in two of them and finished in the other two. I might understand keeping him if he had made all his fights as competitive as this last one, but he’s shown he can’t hang with the best and is at best a mid tier fighter.

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    Hardy draws reactions-both good and bad-The point is he is very flamboyant-One of just a few Brits currently employed with the UFC-Hate him or love him-He always puts it on the line-Comparing him to Keith Jardine is a bit unfair-Jardine is hard to watch because he is so awkward looking-I have never been wowed by any of his performances

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  • And which one of Hardys performances was wowing? he knocked out a putty chin in Rory Markham, Split decisioned a on the downhill slope marcus davis and beat an enternally ring rusted Swick(which sucks I love Swick)
    Jardine KO’d an upand coming future champion(Forrest) Beat Chuck Lidell(and helped send him on his skid) and Went toe to toe with an ex champ which some people(not me) think he won until he got dropped with the last 10 seconds in the fight.
    Hardy has gotten dominated and destroyed in all of his four losses. I think keith has been way more exciting competitive and fun to watch.

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  • MCM says:

    Keith Jardine is my favorite fighter. The guy always brings it and has never been in a dull fight. I would pay to watch him fight any day. And I’m not alone in that, he had a big following and extremely loyal fans, but 4 in a row is 4 in a row. I don’t care how much fun you are to watch or how much you’re liked, if you loose 4 fights in a row in the top organization, it’s time to go. Move down to smaller orgs, pick up a few wins, then come back.

    I like Hardy too, but it’s still 4 in a row. Send him to SF. He’d be a top 5 guy in their WW division as is, and if he picks up a few wins it’s easy for Zufa to bring him back to the UFC since they like him so much. But keeping The Outlaw on a 4 fight skid and getting rid of equally exciting fighters like Ben Saunders (who has an equally impressive UFC record) is what makes MMA/UFC appear less sport, and more sports entertainment.

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  • MCM I tought Heath Herring was your favorite fighter?
    And does Strikeforce have 5 wws left? I kid i kid…i know they’ve got like 7

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  • locoRover says:

    Lorenzo meant to say…

    “will not cut hardy…I like guys that are british and have Mohawks and smack talk.”

    Cuz honestly, I really think those 3 reasons combined are why he’s employed. Plus hes just about the only likeable brit that anyones heard of

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    How about last night’s fight for starters as far as “wow” standards go-Jardine could never draw the attention that Hardy can-pretty plain and simple why-goofy versus rockstar

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  • stone says:

    Keep Hardy around, I guess. That fight was badass… Even if he’s just on the weak-ass free UK cards. They like him over there & he has a few fans over here. Let him bang it out with other strikers, its fun to watch. No one should get cut immediatley after a FotN performance… A ‘Fight of the Night’ loss is like a foul ball, you get one more swing! LoL

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  • MCM says:

    Naw, I just Heath needed some love when the UFC was fighting in Texas.

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  • MCM says:

    *just thought*

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