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Manny Gamburyan out of UFC 135 with shoulder injury

After watching his hopes of becoming the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 champion dashed due to a dislocated shoulder it appears lightning has struck twice for Manny Gamburyan, as the 30-year old featherweight took to Twitter today and announced his withdrawal from a September fight with Diego Nunes after injuring his shoulder while training.

“I’m off from the UFC 135 card. I hurt my shoulder and MRI is not looking good. I just wanna say sorry to all my friends and fans. I’ll be back,” Gamburyan added with an exclamation point after revealing his unfortunate circumstances.

Gamburyan dropped to 145 pounds after mixed results as a lightweight in the UFC and won three straight fights in WEC including victories over Leonard Garcia and former champ Mike Brown. However, after earning a title-shot with his performances he fell in the second round to Jose Aldo and was outpointed by Tyson Griffin in June at UFC Live 4.

The UFC has not officially announced his removal from the card though it’s likely a replacement will be found given the amount of time remaining before the September 24 event.



    Sorry to say he will not be missed-Pick up your finishing game

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  • Guthookd says:

    “I just wanna say sorry to all my friends and fans. I’ll be back,”

    LOL @ Manny having fans.

    Poor bastard. His shoulder seems to be jacked up permanently. I never liked him on the show and haven’t been impressed with him since, but I sure do feel for him in this situation. At the least though, he’s going to get paid by thier new (and soon to dissolve I’m sure) insurance policy.

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  • I feel bad for the guy but he seriously hasnt been able to put it together and get a good streak going. I wasnt too interested in him vs. Nunes anyway, I think Diego would’ve handled him too easily. I say have Hominick to step in against The gun……..thats somethin i’d love to see.

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