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Nam Phan: “I cannot win a decision if my life depended on it.”

After experiencing as controversial a decision as you’ll find in the history of MMA and another closely contested outpointing in back-to-back outings, and no success with the scorecards in five years, it’s hard to blame Nam Phan for his current mindset.

When asked for his assessment on what will be required to beat Matt Grice in October at UFC 136 in a conversation with MMATraining, Phan candidly responded, “My observations so far with my fights: I cannot win a decision if my life depended on it. I need a finish. If it’s a decision I already know I lost, so I got to finish this guy.”

Given that Phan has finished twelve of the opponents he’s beaten and Grice has never gone to a decision he may get his wish come showtime in Houston.

Phan will be facing Grice on short notice after Josh Grispi withdrew from the bout for personal reasons, yet another example of the 28-year old Californian stepping up to the plate for the UFC when needed.

However, rather than be concerned about the short turnaround time from an August bout against former WEC featherweight champ Mike Brown, the 16-9 Phan actually said the bigger challenge had to do with a post-fight smorgasbord of junk food.

“I didn’t know I was going to get back into it this fast,” Phan explained. “I took one week off and in that week, I just tried to eat as much bad food as I could. My body is very polluted from all the greasy food and candy, chocolate cake and stuff…it’s tough, but I’m getting back into it for sure.”

Another highlight of his discussion relating to the upcoming bout with Grice had to do with how the fight actually came about. According to Phan, he received a call from matchmaker Sean Shelby who playfully put it as needing “some ninjas, maybe some chop-saki-flying-spinning-triple-axe-kicks.”

“And I said, ‘You’re looking for a ninja? I’m your ninja, let’s do this’,” Phan replied with a chuckle. “So he gave me a call back to confirm with Grice and here we are today.”


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