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UFC 137 Press Conference Highlights

The road to one of the biggest fights of the year kicks off today in Las Vegas as UFC is holding a press conference to build UFC 137: St. Pierre vs. Diaz. UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz, and UFC president Dana White are schedule to attend and field questions.

Five Ounces of Pain will provide live updates from the press conference, including any newsworthy items and quotes from the participants.

Lorenzo Feritta tweeted, “anyone know where Nick Diaz is?” Yesterday, Diaz missed a media appearance in Canada with St. Pierre to promote the fight and it is not known whether or not he will be at todays press conference.

The big news from the press conference is that Diaz, who no-showed back-to-back press conferences and hasn’t talked to Dana since Monday, has been pulled from the UFC 137 main event. Carlos Condit will replace him and challenge St. Pierre for the UFC welterweight title.

Dana White

*Talks about Diaz no-showing yesterday’s press conference in Canada. Says Diaz apologized, got another flight booked, but missed that as well. Diaz’ trainer, Cesar Gracie apologized, called Dana, got a third flight booked, but missed that one as well. Says he hasn’t talked to Diaz since Monday. Says he knew he would have problems with Diaz but told him, “if you want to make money, you have to promote this fight and show up for appearances.”

*Calls GSP a professional for always showing up for media when he should be training.

*Says this has never happened in his history of promoting fights.

*A video plays and promotes the new fight: Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit.

*Condit is on his way to Vegas. When he was given the news, he started crying and had to call back 15 minutes later to officially accept.

*Says this is the first time Diaz and BJ Penn, who was originally scheduled to fight Condit, have heard this news. “Diaz is gonna hear on the news that he’s no longer fighting Georges St-Pierre, maybe he’ll call me then.”

*Doesn’t think Diaz can handle the pressure of a main event of this magnitude.

*Cesar Gracie called Dana in the middle of the press conference. Cesar apologizes and says, “I agree with you 100%. We’re embarrassed, I’ve been trying to chase Nick around town. No one can find him”

*Says he wouldn’t have cared if Diaz didn’t answer a single question at his media appearances, he just wanted him to show up.

*Says Condit was the first and last fighter considered to fight St. Pierre.

*Says he knew he would have problems with Diaz but if he knew it was going to be like this, he would have never made the fight.

*Has nothing but nice things to say about GSP. “He’s a true professional.” Calls him the best athlete in all of sports.

*Would rather pull the fight now than promote a fight and then have to worry about whether Nick would show up the night of the fight

*Doesn’t officially release Diaz. Just says, “we’ll see what happens.”

Georges St. Pierre

*Thought something bad may have happened to Diaz when he missed the press conference in Canada.

*Can’t understand or believe how or why someone would blow off media appearances. Calls Diaz unprofessional.

*Says that Condit is a more dangerous fight than Diaz. Would put his money on Condit if he fought Diaz.

*GSP still isn’t sure that this isn’t a prank and that Diaz will pop up.

*Says he doesn’t like doing media and staredowns either, but knows it’s part of the promotion and his job.

  • Rece Rock says:


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  • Creature says:

    WTF.. wow, well if Nick is ok and everything, just goes to show if you want to be payed and treated like a true professional you gotta act like one and play by the rules.. i think this makes for a better Title fight anyway, this will be the first time in a long time im not rooting for GSP.. WAR CONDIT!! :D

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Unless dana gives diaz another chance his carrer is over.

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  • Creature says:

    Dana said hes seriously pissed.. unless Nick has a damn good excuse hes going to be cut.. proof of danas anger is already here, he already replaced nick with condit

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  • JOEgun says:

    WHY, DIAZ!??? WHYYYY!??? fuckin dissapointing as fuck

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    To be honest id rather see condit with the title the diaz if gsp was to lose.

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  • As a big fan of Nick Diaz Im terribly dissapointed, he had a real once in a lifetime chance to come straight into the UFC and use this title shot as a springboard to great things. Win or lose he would’ve gotten some great exposure and been even more known and respected had he showed up and competed that night, now he’s probably done with the UFC before he even got started..

    On the other hand, fuckin A straight this is the man who should’ve been fightin GSP in the first place and GSP had better go home and work on a new game plan ASAP…problem is, his game planner will probably be in Condit’s corner, with a plan suited to beat GSP. I love it.

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  • locoRover says:

    Agree with this 100% and am super stoked for this matchup.

    I really wanted to see Gsp Diaz, but I love this fight much more. Condit has faced tougher comp IMO, and above all else is a vicious finisher who can end the fight in the blink of an eye. I’d also say condit is stronger than Diaz, so that will help him once it hits the ground, and on his back he has proven to be dangerous. Much more interesting challenge for gsp.

    Also, Dana couldn’t have played this any better. Shock value, check. Game opponent, check. Marketable matchup, check. Continue to show the ufc doesn’t play games, check.

    Seriously, nick, u flaked out. Plain and simple.

    Gotta play the game homey.

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  • locoRover says:

    Oh and I REALLY hope jackson mans up and backs his FULLTIME fighter instead of gsp.

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  • bigbadjohn says:

    The tough guy “real fighter” Nick Diaz, who everyone talked up to be the solution to the apparently boring Champion no shows without explanation. while the day before the man everyone loves to hate and constantly is 2nd guessed for his toughness, and known for his standup struggles, Brock Lesnar, accepts a fight against the best striker in his division. What are the haters going to say now?

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  • Rece Rock says:

    whose bj fighting

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  • Creature says:

    No one knows at the moment who BJ is fighting.. but Dana said that hes got a back up fighter in mind he had in mind just in case of injury

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  • Niv says:

    Well that’s too bad, as much as I like Condit vs GSP I was looking forward to Diaz vs GSP more.

    Let’s face it, Diaz isn’t scared to fight anyone, but he’s a complete social retard and neanderthal on a mental level.

    I’m sure he can’t stand the small talk and questions he’d have to answer, but like it or not that’s part of what you sign up for. This is another example of why GSP is mma’s greatest champion today. He’s the consumate warrior with the professional attitude where it comes to promoting himself, his sport and his organization.

    Too bad Diaz is going to maybe wake up one day, and maybe realize he blew an opportunity to achieve greatness and possibly financial freedom. Who knows what’s in store for this guy, as a fighter I love him, as what I see of him as a person I loathe him.

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  • Creature says:

    But my guesses would be Fitch, winner of ellenburger/shields, or maybe Johnny Hendricks

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  • I would guess Fitch for sure….and niv Anderson Silva is the greatest champion in MMA today….not GSP…Anderson finishes people. GSP doesnt….ergo much greater champion

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  • MCM says:

    aahaha! Diaz is either too f*ing high or too f*ing stupid (or both) to realize he has a job to go to. Cut him and let him stay on the smaller circuits where he belongs.

    “Says Condit was the first and last fighter considered to fight St. Pierre”. Couldn’t agree more. No one else is near ready for a title shot in the WW division.

    I’d like to see GSP with a different trainer in his corner, but it will still probably be GJ. They’ve been working pretty closely for this fight and I can’t see Jackson leaving with only a month and a half left. ‘Course, he could end up being in Neither fighters corner.

    I say BJ gets the Fitch rematch.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    It’s easy to be frustrated/pissed at Diaz but after absorbing the news I feel it’s more sad than anything else. The guy pissed away tens–maybe hundreds–of thousands of dollars. It sorta blows my mind. I don’t know what kind of issues this dude has, but it must go way beyond the previous perception I had of him as just a rambling paranoid stoner.

    And I agree with the general consensus – Condit makes for a better fight with GSP anyway. Diaz was a scrub in his previous run in the UFC, getting beaten by Diego, Riggs & Sherk in consecutive outings. He’s beaten some fringe contenders along the way, and clearly has some solid all-around MMA skills, but has Nick Diaz ever beaten a legitimate top-10 guy at LW or WW? It’s arguable at best. So it’s somewhat fitting that the largely undeserved title shot he received is now snatched away… it’s just friggin crazy he’s the one that threw it away.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    well if diaz thought he had social anxiety before wait till he feels like everybodies staring at him when he enters a room cause they def. will be…

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  • sides666 says:

    Bad news about Diaz,I am happy for condit though he is a tough dude and stands a great chance at bringing out the best in gsp forcing him to fight in every situation it should be a great fight. Its gonna be tough deciding who to cheer for though. I hope Diaz is ready to lie in the bed he has made for himself. I am still hoping there is a logical explanation for these shenanigans.

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  • Batman says:

    Rory Macdonald vs bj Penn? I know he already has a fight.

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  • MCM says:

    Diaz saying “someone doesn’t want me to win”

    Also looks like G. Jackson won’t corner or train either fighter.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Condit has no shot. GSP will easily cruise to another UD victory and Condit will say he had the best camp ever and then…yawn.. sorry this seems all too familiar..

    Dunno if Diaz would have beat GSP or not but, the chance to see it live was worth my $60 ppv money. Now..meh I’ll just read the live results here. Nothing Condit has done makes me think for a second he has what it takes to beat GSP.

    Maybe I’m wrong and he finishes GSP but, I just don’t see it.

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  • BigDave says:

    Lets see,

    Nick Diaz is such a standup guy and true professional………….wait wtf am I saying.

    Nick Diaz is what I have always said he was, av retarded drug addict loser. He never deserved a title shot in the first place and now hpefully will be gone from the UFC. He can take his little even more retarded brother with him. He is a cancer in a sport that is the fastest rising sport in the world.

    Diaz would have got destroyed by GSP any way so we wont be missing anything. Condit will be a bigger threat to gsp but is not on his level and I expect gsp to end this fight in the third round.

    in closing……..Fuck you Diaz and your little dg…opps I mean brother too!

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  • qat says:

    I wanna slap Diaz until he bleeds. But well, Condit vs. GSP is almost as intriguing.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i love Nick Diaz, i’ll always back him, support him and watch him fight, but he should have been on the phone to Dana instead of posting an update on youtube
    fuck man i’m so gutted

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  • adamsfamily says:

    All sports need curious individuals who stand out – and maybe he doesnt really care what he’s done – sticking it to the man and all.

    But If what Dana said was true: that as long as he was present he wouldnt have to talk, then that would have been not playing the game (enough) surley and created a growing fight promoting storyline between GSP’s proffessionalism and his bad boy personna. And there would have still been the question – when the cage door shuts – does all that other stuff really matter?

    But this way nobody can get behind him. Biting the hand that feeds, when they have said ‘just be yourself’ is just Dumb x 10.

    (11 if you include Nate)

    Come on Condit – see if you can make a dent in GSP

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  • COndit has NO chance against GSP? Anyone who writes that is either ignorant of who carlos condit is or just an idiot in an argumentive state. The guy is 27-5…hes an ex champion, he’s got probably the best ratio of finishes to anyone in MMA (27 wins 26 finishes and the one non finish was a WAR).
    If people think GSP is gonna hold down Carlos for 5 rounds…AHAAHAH… wait.

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