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Nick Diaz comments on removal from UFC 137 main event

Former Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz finally spoke out regarding his current situation, labeling it as “ridiculous”. No, he wasn’t referring to the behavior costing him a title-shot in the UFC as being absurd but rather the organization’s decision to yank him out of a scheduled bout with Georges St. Pierre in late October at UFC 137 because of it.

Diaz’s comments came in a video the polarizing pugilist posted on YouTube where he explained he’d made a half-hearted attempt to live up to his media obligations yesterday and expressed his surprise over how the UFC handled things.

“I was in San Francisco at the last minute trying to get on a airplane this morning to go to a press conference for the UFC. (They) wanted me to fight for the title against Georges St. Pierre and now they’re telling me that they’re going to give the fight to Carlos Condit… which I think is ridiculous and Georges thinks its a great idea because Condit poses an even greater threat, so… I guess that just leaves me out.”

“All I know is I’m ready to fight,” Diaz continued. “I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the beauty pageant but, you know, I’ve never not showed up to a fight and I’ve never backed out of a fight in my life. That’s not what I do.”

The straw that broke the bout’s back came yesterday when Diaz no-showed for another UFC 137 press conference, prompting Dana White to insert Condit into Diaz’s place while also drawing the ire of Diaz’s long-time trainer/friend/manager Cesar Gracie.

Here is Diaz’s video in its entirety:



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