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UFC on FOX Real Time Press Conference Highlights

Though the bout may not have the spice of a personal rivalry, this November’s upcoming title-fight between champion Cain Velasquez and top contender Junior dos Santos should result in a red-hot rumble between the two talented heavyweights. Making matters even more explosive is the fact the bout will take place at UFC on FOX, the organization’s debut on network television, and will be broadcast to an audience unlike any other the UFC has had thus far.

Along the many promotional stops before the popular pugilists take to the Octagon to settle their professional dispute, both men will meet with press this afternoon at 4:00 PM EST and Five Ounces of Pain will be along for the ride.

Joining Velasquez and Dos Santos on the stage will be UFC President Dana White who should no doubt have some interesting things to say given the scale of the scrap and recent rumors of Dan Henderson heading back to the UFC for a third time.

Read below for interesting items of information as they unfold from the press conference including relevant soundbytes:

Junior dos Santos:

*Says he got a lot of experience in his last two fights since they went all three rounds.

*Is excited to be on free TV for everyone to watch.

*Prepared to fight anywhere. “If he take me down, I will be ready to use my jiu-jitsu.”

*Is training in Brazil with Team Nogueira. Feels like he’s learning more everyday.

Cain Velasquez:

*Is happy to get back into the octagon after the layoff.

*Believes this is his toughest fight to date. Praises the skills of JDS.

*Doesn’t think there is any pressure to deliver and great fight, because it’s their job to fight and they always do great.

*Doesn’t think he’s a special fighter, just does what he’s asked of.

*Plans to do three-a-days for the remaining eight weeks of camp.

*”JDS is one of the hardest hitters out there, we’re definitely preparing not to get hit though.”

Dana White:

*Guarantees that whether Velasquez vs. Dos Santos goes 30 seconds or 30 minutes, it’s going to be a hell of a fight.

*Says he put this fight on Fox because he wanted a fight that he knew would be a great.

*Says they’re going to add a lot of production to the FOX event, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the fighters to fight and he knows that these two will deliver.

*Has had more meetings with FOX already than he has ever had with anyone in TV.

*Still working on how the other fights will be shown. Says they will likely be streamed on Facebook or maybe

*Confirms that Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida is the co-main event, but still not sure if it’ll air. Hasn’t been thinking much about the undercard fights, has just been focussed on the production.

Eric Shanks (FOX Executive):

*Jokes that the ratings need to beat the premiere of Two and A Half Men (30 million people). Says that the ad sales have been unbelievable for this fight and are already sold out.

*Says he used to work at DirecTV and that’s how he discovered UFC and how he knew it would be great.


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