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Pick Em Showdown – UFC 135: 5OZ vs. Fightlinker

The time is almost upon us. This weekend is the big UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage event, which has extra meaning to me as I have a bet with the folks at Fightlinker. Now I haven’t done too well in bets dating back over a year now. If you follow me on twitter (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll know that I’ve lost a record number of bets that have forced me to take pictures of myself holding up degrading signs, change my twitter avatar to some ugly picture, and tweet nice things (aka lies) about my opponent.

The stakes are higher this time though. Instead of just picking one fight, I have to pick the entire card, and instead of something involving twitter, I have to make a video of myself wasting beer by pouring it over my head instead of down my throat. I personally wanted the bet to involve public embarrassment because I do that on a daily basis anyway. At least this time I could record it, upload it to YouTube, and become a YouTube sensation.

Fightlinker posted their picks earlier today and I noticed two things:

1. They didn’t bother picking the Mark Hunt vs. Ben Rothwell fight. Maybe they just dislike Rothwell as much as I do, but how can I take them serious if they leave out the fight? I think I should automatically get the victory for that fight since I’m at least professional enough to mention it.

2. We have all the same picks, except one fight. That means we’re essentially betting on one fight, and I don’t do too well in one fight situations. I’m a marathon man, not a one minute man. I guess I can’t say the same about them. I’m also pretty certain that they have a spy here in the 5OZ camp.

Here are my picks. If you want my actual breakdown of the fights, listen to the debut episode of Five Ounces of Podcast. My mom told me it was really good:

*Jones, TKO, Round 3
*Koscheck, TKO, Round 1
*Browne, TKO, Round 2
*Gomi, TKO, Round 1
*Hunt, TKO, Round 1
*Ferguson, TKO, Round 2
*Boetsch, Decision
*Assuncao, Submission, Round 2
*Mizugaki, Decision
*Te-Huna, TKO, Round 1

As you can see, I’m putting my faith in Gomi. PRIDE NEVER DIE!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to listening to the new Demi Lovato CD. I highly recommend it.

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