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The Pick ‘Em Showdown – 5 OZ vs. Fightlinker Fallout

Astute readers and avid followers may have picked up on this past weekend’s bet between Five Ounces of Pain and Fightlinker, our brothers from the Rebellion Media mother, involving UFC 135 picks.

Now that the event has come and gone the points have been tallied up and the punishment for losing “The Pick ‘Em Showdown” has been dished out. Though a valiant battle, in the end it was Fightlinker who emerged with the brass ring and 5 OZ’s Jeremy Lambert who walked away with a glass bottle.

Though Fightlinker nearly ran away with the contest based on a plethora of pick-based pushes and their decision to select Nate Diaz over Takanori Gomi, Mark Hunt’s upset outing over Ben Rothwell evened the score up late bringing things down to the evening’s title tilt. The crucial moment in the match-up came with Fightlinker’s pick of Jon Jones submitting Quinton “Rampage” Jackson rather than stopping him with strikes. As a result of the manner of his success rather than the actual performance itself, the orange-and-black took the prize in a photo-finish win.

Five Ounces of Pain would like to point out that a freshly released 5 OZ writer who was recently seen at a club with Fightlinker’s editor was rumored to be texting with Jones moments before the champ headed to the Octagon to defend his belt. Clearly, some sort of impropriety has occurred and we’ll say it – there was a spy in our camp. As such, the bet has been called off and Jeremy will not have to pour a beer on his head as a result of losing.

In retrospect, we probably should have told him that before writing this post. Oops?

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