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Dave Herman pulled from UFC 136 after failed drug test

UFC 136 received a slight makeover this week when the UFC announced heavyweight Dave “Pee Wee” Herman had been removed from the event for undisclosed reasons and Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia would be bumped up to the main card as a result. However, Herman himself has since revealed the cause of his unexpected withdrawal and, according to the 26-year old, he’s still unsure as to where it might have stemmed from.

Speaking out on ClinchGear Radio, the 21-2 Herman explained he’d tested positive for marijuana use even though he doesn’t smoke and had initially been told by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation that his original sample had been lost.

“I went in to get my drug test and a week later they called and said they lost my urine specimen and I had to come in and redo it. That was last week and I went back in that day. Then today they said I failed. I’m like, uh, that’s impossible,” said Herman of the circumstances.

Clearly, however unfortunate it may be for Herman, the positive hit was possible and has left the rising star in a bit of limbo career-wise. Whether or not it will affect his status in the UFC remains to be seen. He is 1-0 in the Octagon with a “Fight of the Night” performance in his debut against Jon Olav Einemo in June at UFC 131.

As mentioned earlier, with Herman’s scheduled scrap with Mike Russow postponed, 145-pounders Phan and Garcia will have a chance to shine on the PPV stage in a re-telling of their controversial December 2010 bout where Garcia was awarded a highly-questionable decision. In fact, the scoring was so bad UFC President Dana White opted to pay Phan his contracted win bonus as well even though he technically picked up a loss as the actual outcome.

UFC 136 takes place October 8 in Houston, Texas and is headlined by a pair of title fights including phenomenal featherweight Jose Aldo defending his gold against former 155-pound contender Kenny Florian and Frank Edgar putting his lightweight belt on the line for a second-straight time against undefeated Gray Maynard.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    This whole thing sounds fishy. Texas lost my sample then found it but said it was never lost. Oh well at least we know the UFC will not punish him for a failed test, as shown in the past. On the other hand I really am a fan of Herman and hope to hear it was just some confusion on the athletic departments side of things.

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  • Hohlraum says:

    You gotta admit that Herman has that stoner look in most interviews ;) hehe.

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  • Guthookd says:

    How lame. Stop testing for MJ.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    maybe there should be acceptable levels of thc if they insist on testing for it.
    its a murky area, most people who ever smoked will condone even if they dont smoke any more. some people will just can it cos it is a drug.
    however if its for PED’s, then tough shit, you get caught, you take the rap

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Obviously marijuana is a PED, since it helps people fight cancer.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Maybe that’s where Nick Diaz was when he missed the conference… smoking up with Pee Wee.

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  • climbarock says:

    Well, that’s unfortunate. His fight with Einemo was freakin’ spectacular to watch and I was looking forward to seeing him fight again. False positive of not, I hope UFC doesn’t cut the guy as their heavyweight division is actually pretty thin outside of the “elite” bunch.

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  • Dangerous says:

    Hopefully Herman can get back in the cage sooner rather than later. But honestly, I’d rather see Showtime Pettis vs Lil Heathen Stephens being bumped to the main card

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  • Guthookd says:

    Yeah, MJ is a PED when you’re a pro hotdog eater or expert TV watcher.

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  • Jmad says:

    His last fight had some funny moments, it was very entertaining though. I hope he doesn’t get in too much trouble.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Good one, Guthookd. Pay the man, Shirley.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    “Yeah, MJ is a PED when you’re a pro hotdog eater or expert TV watcher.”

    I don’t know about the second. Reliable sources tell me marijuana doesn’t lessen your motivation, it just lowers your threshold for things that suck.

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  • Guthookd says:

    Faust I think you just described the difference between Indica and Sativa….or so say my questionable sources.


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  • Lord Faust says:

    Doesn’t everyone know a guy who knows a guy who might’ve robbed a guy? :)

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  • MCM says:

    Peewee said he didn’t smoke weed but that he can’t say there wasn’t weed in his system. He claims that living in California weed is everywhere, he’s right. I haven’t smoked weed in 18 years, but there are some days I can’t walk through the grocery store parking lot without getting a little cotton mouth. It sucks that he lost out on a paycheck and might get suspended for this, and it also sucks that we miss out on a good HW fight.

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  • TerribleT says:

    Right the F#$% on Guthookd ! Testing for THC is a joke. Treating a test that comes up positive for THC like it’s the same as a dirty for PED’s ,is even a bigger joke

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