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The Scorecard – UFC on Versus 6

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

Sports fans in Washington D.C. are used to stars, but they’re also used to stars disappointing. Alexander Ovechkin might be the best player in the NHL, but he always finds a way to lose in the playoffs. Gilbert Arenas was a star in the NBA, but he’s now more famous because of what he did off the court. The Washington Redskins are known for paying for stars who don’t work out so well. And Stephen Strasburg is a star who has spent more time on the DL than on the mound.

At UFC on Versus 6, fans in the area may not have gotten that major star, but they were finally treated to some great victories and a championship performance.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*Somebody forgot to tell Joseph Sandoval that Halloween is at the end of the month, not the start. And if you’re going to go as a UFC fighter to get candy from strangers, people won’t recognize you as Dan Hardy unless you’re on your back. MINUS THREE

*I love that Mario Yamasaki makes a heart with his hands when he’s introduced. It never fails to remind me of Taylor Swift. PLUS ONE

*Walel Watson with an impressive debut. Used his reach well, threw some powerful head kicks, and swarmed on the guy when he hurt him. Tough to ask for a better start to the card. PLUS FIVE

*I thought Yamasaki stopped the Watson vs. Sandoval fight a bit early. While I’d always rather see a fight stopped too early than too late, I would have liked to seen Ban(tamweight) Hardy get more of a chance. MINUS FOUR

*At least Sandoval completed his Hardy tribute by losing. PLUS ONE

*Keith Wisniewski’s walk out made me think he was going to a funeral and not to a fight. MINUS TWO

*Joe Rogan thinks every crowd that yells, “KNEE!” when two guys are clinched means they’re educated. Has he ever thought that the fans at this event just heard the fans at the last event do it, so they figured it’s just something you do? I mean, that’s how people got into MMA in the first place, right? MINUS ONE

*Josh Neer’s elbows in the clinch were a thing of beauty. PLUS THREE

*Neer’s mouthpiece was so tired of getting Wisniewski’s blood on it that it decided to hide under the ring. PLUS TWO

*Disappointing end to Neer vs. Wisniewski since the cuts weren’t really in a bad spot and Keith seemed to realize that getting elbowed in the face in the clinch wasn’t a good strategy, so he tried for takedowns. MINUS TWO

*Extra points because the fight was really exciting while it lasted. PLUS SIX

*Neer saying his ribs were broken between rounds and then saying that they weren’t broken after the fight reminded me of TUF 3 when Kalib Starnes said his ribs were broken and Ken Shamrock called BS. MINUS TWO

*Classy move by Neer to dedicate the fight to his grandfather, who is battling cancer. PLUS TWO

*Chandella is still lovely, Arianny is still beautiful, UFC still has no blonde ring girl. MINUS THREE

*How could Rogan and Mike Goldberg not know whether or not Fernando Yamasaki was Mario’s brother? Seems like something they should have been told beforehand. MINUS FOUR

*Some very fun scrambles throughout Shane Roller vs. TJ Grant. PLUS FIVE

*The night of questionable endings continued as Fernando stopped the fight before Roller tapped out. If Roller screamed out “Ahhhhh” then shame on him and he should have owned up to it if he did. If he didn’t then shame on Grant for saying it. Either way, it’s a stupid rule. Don’t stop the fight until you see the tap or the fighter says, “TAP!” MINUS SIX

*Extra points because this fight was a fun ground battle with some good stand up exchanges. PLUS SEVEN

*Grant looked solid at 155. Really strong on the ground, needs to improve his striking though. PLUS TWO

*Ever since I heard “Cinderella Man” by Eminem I thought it would make a great walk out song, yet no one used it for a year until Tito Ortiz at UFC 133 and now I feel like I hear it every event. MINUS ONE

*Of course Byron Bloodworth would wear red trunks and of course a guy nicknamed “Hulk” would wear purple trunks. I’m docking points for predictability. MINUS TWO

*Props to the D.C. crowd for coming out to support their boy Mike Easton. PLUS ONE

*Once Easton realized that he wasn’t the UFC bantamweight champion, he did really well. Good adjustment between rounds and some strong knees in the clinch. PLUS THREE

*I don’t really know what Easton was doing with his celebration, but it reminded me a lot of Houston Alexander. MIKE EASTON IS FO REAL! PLUS THREE

*Finally a finish that didn’t leave me disappointed. PLUS ONE

*I hope Michael Johnson didn’t have to pay extra for his white shorts to get soaked in red blood. That’s like those people who pay extra for jeans that come with dirt stains and rips. MINUS THREE

*Paul Sass used to be known for his triangle choke, now he’s known for his heel hook. Time to change his nickname to “Sass Hook”. PLUS TWO

*Extra points to Sass for hitting a rolling half crab, holding onto the leg, and then finishing the hold. Suck it Lance Storm. PLUS TWO

*I still want to see Sass vs. Cody McKenzie in a “finishers only” fight. EVEN

*Yves Edwards looked a little gun-shy in the first round, but he let loose in the second against Rafaello Oliveira. Always happy to see the master of Thugjitsu get his hand raised. PLUS FOUR

*After stopping the first fight too early, Mario Yamasaki decided to let Edwards vs. Oliveira go on a little too long. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Sorry Mario. MINUS THREE

*”I’m just a guy, fighting in front of a crowd, asking them to love me.” Someone add that quote to the Sports Greatest Quotes twitter feed. PLUS TWO

*I love watching UFC on VS. because they always show commercials for hockey. THE NHL SEASON STARTS THURSDAY! PLUS FOUR

*Did anyone else catch the UFC Store ad with B.J. Penn in the blue jacket? That was awesome. PLUS TWO

*Before the first fight on UFC on VS. even start, the first fight on Bellator was over. Step yo game up UFC. MINUS FIVE

*Matt Wiman was on the main card and didn’t have a banner? Come on man. MINUS TWO

*When I saw the “” ad on the trunks of Wiman, I had to check out the site. Did I think it had something to do with a male pleasuring himself? Yes, I did. The fact that I thought that and still went to the site says something about me. Luckily it was just some website warning me about the dangers of eating meat, which I didn’t listen to. MINUS FIVE for me actually going to the website. PLUS FIVE for the site not actually being about male masturbation.

*Major props to both Wiman and Mac Danzig for the fight they had. That was a grueling fight and yet both guys were still battling until the bitter end. And did you notice that neither man put their hands on the knees and collapsed in the middle of the cage after the fight? That’s what happens when you have cardio. PLUS SEVEN

*It was great that Danzig went for a guillotine at the very end. If only he had told the ref that, “thumbs up means tap out.” Now that would have been a fitting end. PLUS TWO

*Come on Matt, get over the decision against Dennis Siver. Bad decisions happen and that one wasn’t the worst of the year. You came back strong, move on. MINUS THREE

*I have to dock points for the fight going the distance though after every prelim fight had a finish. Fortunately it was an entertaining fight, so I won’t be taking away too much. MINUS TWO

*That was a horribly bad interview between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. Those interview segments are usually pretty bad, but this one did sell a single extra PPV buy and may have had people who pre-ordered the event calling for a refund. MINUS TEN

*Anthony Johnson promised to win by head kick, and that’s exactly what he did. Always a fan of a guy calling his own strike. PLUS FIVE

*That said, it was another bad stoppage by a Yamasaki brother. Even though Charlie Brenneman looked out when the kick connected, he was clearly still conscious when he hit the mat. I don’t think Brenneman would have survived much longer, but give the guy a chance. MINUS FIVE

*Extra points to Johnson though for looking so dominant and really doing a number on Brenneman. PLUS FOUR

*”VINTAGE RUMBLE” and “A HUMBLE RUMBLE” did Goldberg and Rogan steal Michael Cole’s notes? MINUS FIVE

*Dear MMA media on Twitter, I don’t care that Snooki is at the UFC event, and neither should you. MINUS SIX

*According to my sources inside the arena, Stefan Struve did not walk out to “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato. I am disappoint. MINUS FOUR

*Just the visual of Struve vs. Pat Barry was cool to see. PLUS TWO

*That said, the fight was pretty boring until things hit the ground. Struve seemed too intent to keep the distance but putting nothing behind his strikes and Barry just seemed like Barry, which isn’t necessarily a good thing when your UFC record was 3-3 coming into the fight. MINUS FIVE

*I have to give credit to Barry for actually trying a couple of head kicks on Struve. PLUS THREE

*Even though the majority of the fight was dull, the ending sequence was awesome. Barry went for the Quinton Jackson slam but it didn’t work, only tightened the triangle, and Barry was forced to tap out. PLUS SEVEN

*Extra points to Struve for using his forearm to take the brunt of the impact from the powerbomb. Very smart move. PLUS THREE

*With a 3-4 UFC record, Barry has proven to be a lot of hype and now his UFC career may have died. MINUS TWO

*I always enjoy watching Struve fight. He just needs to find some consistency in the cage. PLUS FOUR

*”Big things poppin’, little things stoppin’” Demetrious Johnson knows he’s the little guy against Dominick Cruz, right? Poor choice of a walk out song. MINUS THREE

“Cruz has a long line of challengers waiting for him at the top.” After Johnson there’s the winner of Urijah Faber vs. Brian Bowles and then who? MINUS TWO

*Really Cruz, you’re wearing headphones during your walk out? Unless you were getting paid by Dr. Dre, there’s no reason to wear headphones during your walk out since you get to pick your own walk out song. MINUS FOUR

*SUPLEX! I would have given Cruz more points if he finished the choke off the suplex, but it was still perfect execution. PLUS SIX

*Cruz vs. Johnson was awesome, and a lot closer than it appeared on the scorecards. Johnson took it to Cruz on the feet, pressing him like he should have done, he just didn’t have the size to compete with him in the grappling department. PLUS EIGHT

*Credit to Cruz for realizing his stand up game wasn’t working all that well and using his wrestling. PLUS FIVE

*Credit to Johnson for not giving up and staying in Cruz’ face for 25 minutes even though he was really undersized. PLUS FIVE

*Shame on UFC for not doing a better job promoting this event. We all knew Cruz vs. Johnson was going to be a great fight. While a rating hasn’t come out as of this writing, I’d be shocked if it did above a 1.5. MINUS SIX

*I’m docking points for all the controversial stoppages on the night. When the judges did better than the referees, that’s a little surprising. MINUS THREE

*I also have to dock points for all the damn commercials throughout the event. Even though every UFC on TV event has more commercials than fight time, it always annoys me. MINUS TWO

*Overall though, this event was awesome. Some dull moments in a couple of fights but really every fight had plenty of action and I wouldn’t describe any fight as “boring.” PLUS TEN

Final Score: 24


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