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Frankie Edgar is looking for an answer against Gray Maynard tonight

Frankie Edgar’s nickname is “The Answer,” and Saturday night against Gray Maynard, he hopes to have just that when his war with “The Bully” is over.

Edgar and Maynard fought to a draw this past January, leaving no one feeling happy about the result. Now, after having a match postponed due to injuries suffered by both men, they prepare to enter the Octagon to square off in the main event of UFC 136.

After being battered and bruised over the opening round, Edgar fought back to nearly finish Maynard. But, when the scorecards were read by Bruce Buffer and a Draw was announced, Edgar knew a rematch would be planned.

However, professional rivalry aside, there hasn’t been much in terms of trash talk between the two fighters, instead, they have let their past fights – the draw, and a win by Maynard over Edgar in 2008 – do the talking.

“That (trash talk) always get the people going and it sells fights, but for myself, and being the kind of person I am, I’d rather do my work in the cage,” Edgar explained in a conversation with the UFC’s website. “Gray’s a pretty reserved dude, and so am I, and I think our fight will speak for itself.”

While many have Edgar as the favorite heading into the fight, it is Maynard that owns the win in the series, something that has been on Edgar’s mind for quite some time.

“I think I’m on the right track,” said Edgar on preparing for a successful showing against Maynard. “Nothing changes in between my fights. I just try to become a better fighter than I was the last time. If I know that I’m a better fighter than I was my last time out, I did my job and I improved in all areas. And again, I felt like I accomplished that. I feel like I’m better at Jiu-Jitsu, better at boxing, better at Muay Thai, better at wrestling, and I’m better at putting it all together. It’s showing in the room and showing in my confidence.”

“I feel like I am closing the gap,” Edgar said. “So hopefully, I’ll keep closing the gap and I’ll be on top this time around.”

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