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Chael Sonnen explains “loser leaves town” challenge of Anderson Silva

The world of professional wrestling was put on notice last night at UFC 136 when middleweight Chael Sonnen stepped up to the stick after submitting Brian Stann in the second round of their bout and cut one of the greatest “promos” in promotional history.

Rather than focus on his performance against Stann, Sonnen issued a challenge to middleweight champion Anderson Silva demanding a rematch over Super Bowl Weekend with a unique stipulation – a win for Sonnen would result in Silva moving up to light heavyweight on a permanent basis while a loss to “The Spider” would force Sonnen to leave the UFC.

Sonnen elaborated on his statements in a post-event interview with MMAFighting where he explained his reasoning.

“Cause he’s a coward and I don’t think he’d accept,” Sonnen responded when asked why he had sought Silva’s departure from the middleweight division rather than the company as a whole. “And you’ve gotta play by a coward’s rules sometimes. I’m trying to lure him into a fight so I gotta stick that carrot out there – something that I think he’ll do.”

According to Sonnen, who feels Silva will likely duck the fight after how close the Brazilian came to losing the first time, he even had more to say but was cut short by the short duration of his post-fight interview.

“If Joe Rogan hadn’t taken the microphone out of my mouth I would have told him, ‘Anderson Silva I want your answer right now. If you accept I will wait till Super Bowl Weekend but if you reject I will walk over there right now and whip your ass in Houston, Texas!’”

However, as much as Sonnen may detest Silva, he still had something complimentary to say in regards to the champ’s footwork.

“I have seen Anderson dance and I will tell you, he’s got some pretty good moves. He’s a pretty good dancer, I’ll give him that. I caught him at a club one time dancing and was like, ‘You’re a pretty good dancer.’ He can move a little bit.”

On a more serious note, Sonnen also made it clear as to what motivates him as a fighter and it doesn’t even relate to Silva specifically.

“I do the best I can,” the 26-11-1 grappler began. “These guys are tough guys. Stann is no different. He hit me hard in the body. Man, it hurt. I can still feel it. All these guys are tough. There’s really nothing I can say. You go do these matches, you do the best you can, but I am not here to be one of ‘these guys’. I’ve got plenty of money and plenty of fame. I’m after twelve pounds of gold and that’s it.”


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Love this guy!

    If anyone can beat Silva I would have to believe it’s Sonnen. Everyone wants to stand and bang with Silva to show they can do it when it looks like his weakness may be GnP.

    Either way I will be buying whatever PPV it headlines.

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  • It was an awesome interview for sure and a great way to start building hype for the “rematch of the century”. If Silva comes in without a cracked rib it’ll be the same fight….just three or four rounds shorter when Chael gets submitted again.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Anybody recognize Sonnen’s walk out music? I didn’t, but heard a lyric here and there. Definitely seemed to be a message of some kind, and I want to check it out.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    No idea what his music was but, he is on twitter and I hear he responds to most people. Might check it out.

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  • stone says:

    Chael all the way!…. His name made me buy a ticket for 136, & you can bet your ass I’m buying a tic for the Dallas show too!

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  • TerribleT says:

    Sonnen/Silva ll will probably never happen because I don’t think Silva wants any part of this rematch. I can already see the excuses coming from Silva : Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot,There are other fighters that are more deserving,He already had his chance and blew it,etc.,etc.,etc.

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