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Anderson Silva upset with antics of Chael Sonnen

In a sport like Mixed Martial Arts, competitive desire and confidence often collide with the need to market match-ups and as a result the combination creates some level of trash-talking between opponents while building up to an eventual bout. While taking verbal jabs at an adversary may be a common occurrence, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen has taken the art form to another level with his WWE-style promos and plain-as-day insults directed towards 185-pound champion Anderson Silva.

However, things have apparently escalated to an uncomfortable point beyond the simple selling of a scrap.

Earlier today Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, spoke to MMAJunkie where he referred to recent comments made by Sonnen taking aim at the Brazilian’s family and made it clear things have now become personal.

“(Anderson) definitely doesn’t respect him for the things that he’s saying,” Soares explained. “Hyping up the fight is one thing, but I think you cross the line when you start talking about people’s family.”

The statement in question came last week on The MMA Show where he joked about kicking Silva’s door down, “patting his little lady on the ass”, and telling her to make him a steak.

“First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids, and now he wants to kick in someone’s door and slap their wife in the ass,” Soares asked about Sonnen’s behavior before firing back, “This guy should be in jail; he shouldn’t be fighting.”

Soares also explained he was unsure if Silva would be ready by Super Bowl Weekend – a date requested by Sonnen – and was still in the process of recovering from a shoulder injury.

“Chael is not the person that’s going to determine when (Anderson) is going to take the fight. When he’s going to take this fight is when his shoulder is completely healed up, and he’s ready to start his training camp for the fight. It’s not because Chael says he wants to fight in February. Who is Chael to determine that? Chael needs to take a number and wait his turn. He got his opportunity, and he tapped. It’s not the first time he’s tapped, and I guarantee you it won’t be the last.”

With tension this high four months out from February and the rumored rumble clearly Sonnen vs. Silva II will one of the biggest bouts of 2012 if not the last few years as a whole.


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