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Kenny Florian to take time off, think about his future

Many feel like Kenny Florian will retire from active competition and slide into the announcing booth as part of the new UFC deal with FOX Networks. However, as of now, Florian is not prepared to make any quick decisions regarding his future.

“Everyone is asking what is next for me. The only response I can give right now is that I’m going to take some time. I want to rest, spend some time with my family and friends, and then evaluate all of my options,” said Florian, in a statement he released via his management team, Authentic Sports Management. “When I make that decision, my fans will be the first to know. One way or another, you haven’t seen the last of Ken-Flo!”

UFC President Dana White has said that Florian’s future, which includes three defeats in championship matches, is in his hands. White added that Florian will always have a career in the UFC if he desires thanks to his past work on ESPN’s MMA Live and as a fill-in cageside announcer with Mike Goldberg for UFC events.

“The thing is he’s smart, he’s talented, he’s got other options. He got other things going on outside of fighting, too,” White said after UFC 136. “I have nothing but respect for him and Florian will be with us, no matter.”

Florian (14-6) is 1-2 in his last three bouts, falling to Jose Aldo this past weekend at UFC 136 for the featherweight title by way of decision. He has also lost title fights to B.J. Penn and Sean Sherk – both of which came at lightweight.

Along with his duties as an announcer and analyst, Florian also runs a gym with his brother, Keith, in Massachusetts.


  • Dufresne says:

    If he does come back to try and make another title run, he’s going to have to look like an absolute beast if the UFC is even going to consider giving him another shot. Very few fighters are given 3 title shots, much less 4, and I can’t think of a single one who went 0-3 getting a 4th shot.

    Whatever he decides to do, I wish him luck. He’s a very good fighter and he’s definitely better than average in the announcer/commentator slot.

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  • MCM says:

    He is a good fighter, and could easily be a top 5 FW for the rest of his career. Aldo is already talking about moving up to LW so Kenny could stay in prime position for a 4th shot at a title. Most of Zuffa’s roster will never reach that level of success. So I don’t understand all this talk of retirement.

    I just hope we don’t have to hear him in the announcers booth. He’s a smart guy and all, but he’s boring as shit to listen to. He’s looks the part on camera and I’m sure Fox love’s him but every time he opens his mouth I just toon him out. Am I the only one that doesn’t care for Florian?

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I think people are taking the wrong angle. OK, yes, he’s 0-3 in title fights. That said, he’s been competitive enough throughout a 7 year career — fought solely in the UFC — to earn 3 title shots! How many guys have come and gone through the UFC’s doors in that time and amounted to nothing?

    I’d rather lose three title fights than never be in one.

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  • TerribleT says:

    If Aldo moves up then I think both the Featherweight & Lightweight Divisions could end up having a revolving door of champions so despite his shortcomings in big fights Kenny could still find himself in the thick of things in either division. I know it’s just a pipe dream but who thinks if a Florian/Edgar fight was put together that Kenny wouldn’t be a serious threat to beat Frankie? I know it’s crazy sounding but I think if Kenny looks good in beating 2 or 3 top contenders I can honestly see him getting another title shot.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    I give Florian 2 more high profile fights then he’ll hang emm up and do broadcasting… with the UFC on FOX deal and with UFC talking about multiple shows on the same date and expanding TUF overseas and what not… they need more ppl on the mic and Florian is a familiar face and and actually knows whats he’s talking about so I think he will jump right into that.

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