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Carlos Condit considers Georges St. Pierre to be as good as it gets in MMA

UFC welterweight contender Carlos Condit may hold an overall record of 27-5 with 26 stoppages but even he admits current champion Georges St. Pierre poses a challenge unlike any he’s seen so far in his career.

St. Pierre, considered to be one of MMA’s pound-for-pound greats, is one of the few competitors who blend every aspect of the sport together seamlessly. A tremendous grappler with diverse stand-up and never-ending cardio, GSP hasn’t been beaten in more than four-and-a-half years while picking up wins over a number of highly-respected peers like B.J. Penn, Matt Hughes, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and most recently Jake Shields.

Condit understands the significant task at hand, a point he drove home in a recent interview with the UFC relating to his October 29 headliner against the popular French-Canadian at UFC 137.

“Georges is very hard to gameplan against. He’s as dynamic and well-rounded as they come. He’s a very, very tough puzzle to solve,” Condit explained before making it clear he’s no slouch either. “I’m hard to fight. No matter what position we’re in I make you very uncomfortable. I try to not only beat you down physically but break you mentally.”

You can catch the full segment by checking out the video below:


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