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Mo Lawal issues open challenge to Quinton Jackson

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal has made it known over the past few weeks that he will be calling out his next opponent in the near future. The obvious choice for Lawal to make his target was Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, as the two have had verbal wars in the past and have made it clear they dislike each other on a personal level.

Now, not only does it appear Jackson is definitely the object of the 30 year old’s in-ring desire, but he’s even willing to spend the fight striking with him if need be to facilitate the match-up

Lawal’s statements came in a recent conversation with Full Contact Fighter where he also offered up a bit of trash-talk on top of the proposed challenge.

Though Lawal is currently a member of Strikeforce, that doesn’t seem to be a huge issue as UFC President Dana White has been gobbling up talent from the promotion for major bouts in his company.

“Enough of the talk, let’s do the action. Let’s bang then, dawg. You’re talkin’ about you wanna box, you can box me! I won’t take you down, you know what I’m sayin’,” Lawal animatedly explained in the interview. “Or you can holla at my boy James Toney and be a sparring partner for him. Pick your poison. You can getcha ass whipped in boxing by James Toney, or you can getcha ass whipped by me in MMA. I’ll stand and box with you.”

Lawal and Jackson have made quite the verbal warfare, tossing jabs at one another for over 15 years, according to “King Mo.” Jackson has said a number of times in the past he is looking for a fight at the UFC’s show in Japan this upcoming February, and Lawal has said he would be fine with taking on “Rampage” in the Land of the Rising Sun if need be.

Lawal, a college wrestling standout, rebounded from his first professional loss and an extended layoff from injury to come back and defeat previously undefeated grappler Roger Gracie earlier this year via knockout. Jackson, a former 205-pound champ, was defeated by Jon Jones in a bout for the light heavyweight belt last month at UFC 135.


  • Rece Rock says:

    King Mo is a tool bag.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Where they gonna fight? if the ufc wanted mo they would of had him already.

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  • Jmad says:

    He’s getting really desparate.

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  • edub says:

    King Mo isn’t ready for Rampage, he’s gonna get K’d again.

    Also if he’s so open to striking with Rampage why not just offer up a kickboxing match?

    They haven’t known each other for 15 years (lel alone “tossed jabs at one another”), might want to correct that one.

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  • Guthookd says:

    “Ima slap yo mama”

    “Nah, dog. Ima slap yo mama foo. Motabota mebe.”

    “Foo? Whoda foo?”

    “Youda foo, foo. Lookin’ like a stanky head a lettucde you iz”

    “I iz? Nah, I izn’t…you dat sucka. Foo. Yo mama so dum she makin’ me look gewd.”

    “Do-bee taklin’bout ma mama…foo”.

    *Joe, I think we’re going to have to defer to Rashad Evans for translation. Shit is getting ganster in there.

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  • stone says:

    You’d think mo would wanna get his feet wet with a Tito, Rich or Forrest fight first….. Maybe he just wants to get cut. Rampage wins this with a 1st rd KO, I’d put my paycheck on it!

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    What Guthookd said-Seriously-If hoMo fought smart-he would barely win by octagon control-But that situation would be a stretch

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Guthookd that shit is FUNNY… you know why’s it’s funny? ’cause it’s TRUE.

    Mo has got some set of balls after ripping fans for tweeting him dumb shit like “hey when you going to fight Rampage?” then he turns around and basically says the same dumb things… then he tells fans there uneducated in the fight game and combat sports that the fans don’t know nothing, This jack ass turns around and brings James Toney into the convo like he is relevant… The guy talked shit about his promotion being a dying AIDS/Cancer patient which made DW respond basically say he didn’t even know Mo’s name ( i know that’s DW just being douchey but hey he made his point).

    King Mo got nothing for Rampage.

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  • Mo is smart in this one…its a no lose situation for him….if he gets the fight Rampage is supposed to destroy him, if he somehow wins, he turns into an overnight star for beating one of the top LHWs in the game. But Im with rece…Mo’s got NOTHIN for rampage…everything he’s good at Rampage is ten times better.

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