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Chael Sonnen continues verbal barrage on rival Anderson Silva

There aren’t many words Chael Sonnen believes are off limits when it comes to talking about a fight or trying to push someone into one, and the UFC middleweight contender continued to showcase that this week.

Sonnen, who defeated Brian Stann at UFC 136, tried to get an answer out of 185-pound champion Anderson Silva following his victory by calling “The Spider” out inside the Octagon. Sonnen issued a challenge for Super Bowl weekend in February, even adding the stipulation that if Silva lost, he had to leave the division, while a defeat by Sonnen would mean his exit from the UFC completely.

To date, Silva has not said anything, making Sonnen even more furious. Silva defeated Sonnen via fifth round submission last year in a championship bout.

“As far as the line, I don’t care. People tell me it shouldn’t be personal, well Jim it is personal. Okay? I’m picking a fight. If he has a problem with it, come do something about it,” said Sonnen, while a guest on the Jim Rome Show yesterday. “What doe he do? He called Dana White and tattled on me. Can you believe that? He told Uncle Dana that I said that and I went too far. Well, maybe I did. Guess what? Let’s get in the Octagon – the people’s forum – and settle this.”

Sonnen made comments concerning Silva’s wife in the lead-up to his bout with Stann. Those statements seem to have struck a nerve with Silva, as Sonnen said he would make her cook him a steak and slap her on the butt.

As for the stipulations Sonnen added, he says those had a time limit and have all-but expired.

“That offer was good when I made it, but it’s like any offer, you know, they’ve got to expire,” Sonnen said. “Apparently, they didn’t work. I’m doing anything I can to lure him out, and yes, I would have absolutely done that.”


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