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B.J. Penn requested rematch with Jon Fitch before being given Nick Diaz

Former UFC lightweight champ B.J. Penn‘s welterweight quest has been one filled with plenty of highs, but, Penn wants to avenge a sore subject in the form of a February Draw with Jon Fitch.

After finding out his original UFC 137 opponent, Carlos Condit, had been called up to fight UFC welterweight title-holder Georges St. Pierre, Penn was hoping he would get his rematch with Fitch. Instead, Penn found out his new opponent was former Strikeforce welterweight king Nick Diaz.

“I was sitting down eating sushi and Matt Hughes shoots me a text,” said Penn in a conference call with media relating to next weekend’s event. “He’s like, ‘Hey, who are you fighting?’ I thought maybe Carlos got hurt and then I heard about the whole thing that happened with Diaz and not showing up for the press conferences and all that stuff.”

“Fitch keeps on saying all this stuff that he can beat me easy and all these things, so first think I do is I call up Dana White,” the popular Hawaiian continued. “I say, ‘You know what? Perfect, let’s fight Fitch. He said he’s ready to go and said he’s love to fight me.'”

Penn further elaborated, stating he tried to push White into making the match but the UFC President kept on telling him Fitch was injured and wouldn’t be ready to go in October. With that being the case, Penn accepted the Diaz fight and now the two will be in the main event on October 29 from Las Vegas due to GSP having to pull out of the Condit bout with a knee injury.

As for Fitch, Penn said, “I’ll fight Fitch anytime. I’d love to fight him again.”


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