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Matt Mitrione: “(Kongo) does not quit. He’s resilient as all hell.”

When Matt Mitrione watched UFC 137 opponent Cheick Kongo blast good friend Pat Barry into la-la land this past June it didn’t make him angry – it made him respectful.

Elaborating on the subject of Kongo in a segment previewing the event, the undefeated 33-year old spoke about some of the Frenchman’s qualities including his ability to overcome adversity as put on display against Barry.

“I know Cheick has a very good straight right. I know that he’s got very long limbs. He does not quit. He’s resilient as all hell,” Mitrione explained while alluding to Kongo’s comeback from the brink of unconsciousness to put Barry away a few minutes into their bout at UFC Live 4.

However, the former professional football player also acknowledged a few of his own attributes, saying, “I’ve got strength that Cheick probably doesn’t have. I’ve got aggression and athleticism that Cheick might have never seen in his life.”

Though “Meathead” may have five in-ring appearances under the UFC banner and was a major player on TUF 10, Mitrione made it clear the fighter people see on October 29 will be unlike any they’ve watched to date.

“I’m a different fighter every time I go out there. A lot of people have never really seen me press a lot of action. In the first minute, a helluva lot can happen.”

Mitrione holds an overall record of 5-0 with all five wins coming inside the Octagon including four strike-based stoppages with the most recent occurring against Christian Morecraft a few months back.

You can watch the entire UFC 137 preview with Mitrione below:


  • fanoftna33 says:

    every time I see him I become more of a fan. Hope to see Matt get a nice win here but he better watch his Balls because Kongo hasnt hit anybody low for a while.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    If nothing else, they need to keep this guy around for his interviews. I think every event he’s involved in, he has some excellent one-liner that absolutely slays me.

    Not a bad fighter, either.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    I like the fact that all his fights have been in the UFC hey he’s 5-0 yeah they weren’t top 5 guys BUT how many fighters join the UFC unbeaten and you have no idea who most of there wins are against or 5 of there 8 wins are from guys with 1-2 records… No matter who meatheads opponents have been you gotta respect that he’s been earning his stripes on the biggest stage in the sport and regardless that’s not a small feat by any means.

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