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Carlos Condit’s camp says he didn’t willfully give up title-shot

There seems to be plenty of confusion from Carlos Condit and his camp in regards to the new planned fight between UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.

For those out of the loops, Condit was originally scheduled to face GSP this past weekend at UFC 137 before the French-Canadian title-holder went down with a knee injury. Though told he would maintain his top contendership regardless of what unfolded between Diaz and opponent B.J. Penn at the same show, Diaz lit a fire under “Rush” by questioning his manhood and honesty about being hurt, thus earning the crack at St. Pierre’s belt and leaving Condit on the backburner.

Condit has yet to say anything to the public, but his manager, Malki Kawa, sent a message to MMAWeekly saying, “We didn’t step aside. That’s not what we do. GSP doesn’t want to fight Carlos.”

It would seem by those comments that Condit is trying to play the Diaz approach and show disrespect towards St-Pierre. However, it is too little, too late for anything to change – assuming Diaz plays the media darling the UFC wants in the lead-up to the title bout.

St-Pierre said before his fight with Condit was scrapped due to a knee injury that the two were not friends and that he would finish “The Natural Born Killer” when they locked up. GSP normally tends to be very respectful towards his opponents and not make comments like that, so there does seem to be some bad blood brewing there.

The UFC, though, cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to put St-Pierre and Diaz in the Octagon together, especially after the war or words the two exchanged immediately following UFC 137. This is a super fight between two very different men and the UFC Primetime specials alone should be PPV worthy to hear what each has to say about his opponent.


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