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UFC on FOX 1 Real Time Conference Call Highlights

In less than two weeks the UFC will soar to heights few outside of Zuffa’s ivory tower could have imagined years ago when the organization’s heavyweight title is defended on live network television at UFC on FOX: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos.

Headlined by undefeated champion Cain Velasquez putting his gold up for grabs against brilliant Brazilian Junior dos Santos, the card marks the first in what will be numerous UFC/FOX events over the next several years and also features fights like Pablo Garza vs. Dustin Poirier and Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson.

Velasquez, Dos Santos, and UFC President Dana White will on be on hand this afternoon for a conference call with media at 2:00 PM EST and, as usual, Five Ounces of Pain will be listening in and reporting back to readers with live highlights.

Read below for scintillating soundbytes and other interesting nuggets of information:

Cain Velasquez:

– Says there will be some butterflies but none more than normal even though he’s coming back from an injury
– Treating this fight like any other he’s been in / “I study my opponent, that’s pretty much it. I don’t focus on the magnitude of the fight, just the fight itself.”
– Honored to be selected to represent the UFC on FOX and expects an extremely exciting fight on November 12
– “(Promotion) is just part of the job and I’m happy to do it. It hasn’t been overwhelming – it’s been the right amount. It’s been good. I’ve been happy with it.”
– Says rehab went fine but was frustrated that he couldn’t stay active and compete.
– Was happy to see more footage of JDS, including his wrestling in his last fight.

Junior dos Santos:

– Has waited a long time for the fight and admits it was a little tough to wait so long
– Is excited and thankful about the opportunity to fight on network television and is at his best
– Means a lot to him to be fighting on the first event being shown live on Globo TV in Brazil
– Believes he is proof that good things happen to good people
– Nothing has changed the way he approaches life and training even with the increased fame/fortune
– Credits his struggles in life made him into the person he is today, he’s grateful
– Feels prepared to go five rounds but doesn’t envision it going the distance / “We’re not fighters that dodge fighting once we get into that cage.”

Dana White:

– Reminds fans that all the prelims will be streamed online including Henderson vs. Guida
– Fuel TV carrying the weigh-ins live at 4:00 PST
– Says broadcast will feature live backstage interviews and “behind the scenes” breakdown
– Unsure how future events will be handled in terms of whether they will be full shows or one-offs like the upcoming one
– The changes in UFC production start in January
– Only fight shown will be Velasquez vs. Dos Santos “even if the fight goes ten seconds”
– Knows they will take a hit on the PPV revenue by giving up a free fight like Velasquez/JDS but is thinking long term and wants to avoid the way boxing handled things / “We’re gonna get smashed on this fight but its an investment in the business, the future.”
– Picked Velasquez/JDS for a reason because he knows it will be an incredible fight so is only worried about making sure the production comes off right
– Would love to eventually hold an Ultimate Fighter World Cup
– One of the proudest moments of his career was seeing the UFC promoted on FOX during the World Series and NFL
– Says other organizations should have never been on network TV. Didn’t want to be on network TV unless he had control of things, which he got with FOX.

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