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B.J. Penn open to comeback if situation is right

B.J. Penn, a former double-division UFC champion, shocked many in the MMA world when he announced his impending retirement from fighting after a loss to Nick Diaz at UFC 137 last month. Now, after taking some time to think about his career, “The Prodigy” might be having second thoughts.

After Penn dropped his UFC lightweight title to Frankie Edgar, he says his own coaches asked him to take some time off and get his mind focused back on the sport. Instead, Penn took an immediate rematch with Edgar and lost. A win over Matt Hughes seemed to right his course, but Penn went to a draw with Jon Fitch before falling to Diaz.

Now, Penn seems to be questioning his own desire to continue competing in MMA.

“If I ever feel it again, I’ll come back,” said Penn, in an interview featured on Inside MMA recently. “If it interests me, if it excites me, I don’t want to be sitting in the locker room saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m still doing this.’ If it excites me, we’ll see how everything goes, but I definitely need some time away.”

Penn might just wait for a possible rematch with Fitch, or another big-time fight that could place him back among the contenders at either lightweight or welterweight.

Here is the entire video clip below:


  • Screenplaya says:

    I am not really a Penn fan, but I am an MMA fan, so I do not want him to retire. I also have no desire to see him fighting bigger guys at 170. Fitch, Diaz, and GSP are simply to big for Penn to handle. Put him in the ring with Kenflo again. Give him Gray Maynard. There is no one at 155 who can manhandle him. If that amazing little waterbug Frankie Edgar moves down to 145, BJ could realistically be champ again, maybe he can even figure out the timing to get to Frankie.

    I am very interested in seeing BJ compete with guys his own size. I truly hope that happens.

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  • JBAR says:

    I like BJ but motivation has always been his problem. Not motivation to fight but motivation to train for the fight. He is such a gifted athlete he can beat 99% of the guys out there with a laid back approach to his training, but that 1% requires that dedication and focus that BJ has never been willing to give. This is why he gasses out after 2 rounds. Imagine a BJ Penn with a Clay Guida motor, that would be awesome to see.

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