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Brown Pride: I’m with Velasquez

This is the story of a Mexican who has been down but never out, a Mexican who has run through everyone in his way, a Mexican who is the leader of a nation, a Mexican who has a heart despite his bad ass persona, and a Mexican who you don’t want to f*ck with.

This is the story of Machete.

This is also the story of UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

I watched the movie Machete the other night and immediately drew comparisons to Mr. Velasquez. This is the story of both men and how I saw Machete throughout the movie and how fans have seen Velasquez throughout his career. Please note that this column contains spoilers of all of Velasquez’ previous fights. Also the movie Machete.

In the life of the UFC champ, Velasquez is a Mexican fighter who couldn’t get fights, was given “no-win” opponents, and yet managed to dominate and win the title.

In the movie Machete, Danny Trejo plays a Mexican rebel who was set up, left for dead, and yet managed to survive and overcome.

Velasquez entered the UFC after just two professional fights because no one on the local scene wanted to fight him. He ran through his first three opponents, but people were still skeptical because of who he fought.

Machete entered a house full of thugs and easily ran through them. Since they were just your typical “nameless bad guys who are supposed to die,” I was skeptical on whether or not Machete could hold his own against the tougher villians.

Velasquez dominated Cheick Kongo, but was rocked numerous times during the fight, leaving people to question his chin. He easily dispatched of Ben Rothwell, but because of the stoppage, which was very questionable but really just saved Rothwell from death, people still wondered just how good he was.

Machete killed some more “nameless bad guys” after he was hospitalized. I was impressed with his ability to use his smarts, despite not being at 100%, sort of like Cain reverting back to his wrestling after being rocked by Kongo. Machete didn’t kill the main bad guy, Sniper, played by Shea Whigham, in the scene though, instead deciding to flee, so I still wasn’t sure he could take out the big guns of the movie.

In his two most impressive victories, Velasquez dispatched of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Brock Lesnar. Unfortunately, there were still questions surrounding Cain’s wins, not because of his performances, but because of who he beat. People though Nogueira was washed up and people thought Lesnar was overrated and not 100%.

Machete’s two most impressive killings to date were a little questionable to me as well. Sniper was killed, but not directly by Machete. Instead Michael Booth, played by Jeff Fahey, killed him. I give Machete credit for the killing though because had he not gotten away, Sniper would not have been killed. The other big killing by Machete was that of Booth, but once again, Machete didn’t directly kill him. Booth was killed by John McLaughlin, played by Robert De Niro, but that killing doesn’t happen if not for Machete’s actions earlier in the movie.

Now Velasquez fights Junior dos Santos this weekend in a bout that has MMA fans salivating. Dos Santos is the #1 contender to the title, undefeated in the organization, and has steamrolled through every opponent that has stepped up to face him.

In the climax of the movie, Machete battles Torrez, who is played by Steven Seagal. That’s right, Steven Seagal. The same man that taught Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida the “kick of death.” The same Silva and Machida that have sparred with Dos Santos in the past.

In the movie, Machete kills Torrez, proving that he is the baddest Mexican on the planet and he can overcome an army of men that is led by a master warrior.

In real life, Velasquez won’t kill Dos Santos, but he will try his hardest to beat him so badly that a referee has to step in and stop him from suffering the same fate as Torrez.

Machete had the backing of the Mexican nation behind him. He was fighting for the illegal immigrants who were just looking for a job in America. Velasquez has the back of La Raza. He is fighting for the hard working Mexican’s who want a role model.

The only difference between Velasquez and Machete is that if Velasquez wins, he’ll get to hold on to a gold belt. When Machete won, he got to hold on to Sartanta Rivera, played by Jessica Alba. Advantage Machete.

In the same vein, stay tuned for the fight this Saturday when Velasquez Wins and his next fight when Velasquez Wins Again.


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