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Junior dos Santos will need surgery for injured knee

Less than 24 hours after achieving his dream of becoming UFC heavyweight champ, newly crowned king Junior dos Santos already has his next challenge lined up and it isn’t the winner of Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem.

According to the Brazilian’s team, Dos Santos injured his meniscus a few weeks before last night’s momentous match-up with things flaring up again with less than an hour to go before his bout with Cain Velasquez. As a result of what his doctor dubbed a “lesion”, “Cigano” will be sidelined for a month meaning he should fortunately be good to go early next year for the first defense of his title.

Though Dos Santos referred to his health in the wake of beating Velasquez, the details of his status were provided by Fabio Costa in a conversation with MMATraining.

Dos Santos improved his overall record to 14-1 by beating the formerly undefeated Velasquez about a minute into their historic fight on FOX. He is now 8-0 in the Octagon with some of his other notable victims including Fabricio Werdum, Mirko Filipovic, Gabriel Gonzaga, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin.



    What a soldier!

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  • WOW…and you could tell those kicks Cain tagged him with HURT. Good for Junior…all in all great night…sad it was aired the way it was.

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  • edbuzz says:

    You have to like this guy’s (Dos Santos) personality. He’s a positive person. I thought he’d win. I was correct and made a little money to boot. I don’t know how he’ll stack up against Alistar Overreem but I’m excited about the heavy weight division going forward.

    Brock’s got to learn how to take a punch instead of cowering like a weakling and covering up every time he gets hit.

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    Quit hating on Brock-Every HW who gets hit flush cowers-Just look at the past fights-It’s just that Brock can take a lot more punishment than most-Cain purposely turned to his stomach while Brock actually kept trying to get to his feet-JDS is a great person I feel his character is genuine and wish him the best-Cain needs to have a nutrionist get him in tip top shape so that he can reach his full potential-He looked scared-which tells me he had a lack of confidence due to some sort of training or injury aspect

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Cain did look soft…

    Can’t wait for Brock/ Reem…. Brock is gonna pace himself see the opening for the take down and grind out a victory… if brock grinds Reem out and makes him gas on the ground in the first he got this in the 2nd.

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