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UFC on FOX players respond to eventful evening at post-event press conference

The UFC made its first appearance Saturday night on FOX Network since signing a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with the television giant, as Junior dos Santos defeated Cain Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight title in the main event.

At the post-fight press conference, UFC Dana White gave his take on the fight, as well as his nerves in the days leading up to the actual event. Bonuses were also handed out to Dos Santos, Ricardo Lamas, Clay Guida, and top lightweight contender Benson Henderson for their efforts.

“Post-show I said I didn’t know why Cain wouldn’t have shot. Gone in for the shot, tried to work, pressure him, try and put him up against the fence. And not stay in his range and try and bang with Junior in the early rounds,” White explained of his criticism of Velasquez’s approach to the bout. “But what they hell am I? I’m not anybody’s coach or trainer. It was just my question about the fight.”

Check out the full press conference below (actual comments begin at 14:45)



    cain-I say this with much regret-You ve been exposed-Low intelligence coupled with a fake sense of identity equals a faulty foundation-Hope you adjust-way to go Junior

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  • I think that’s a little bit harsh Gike. Cain came out lookin semi sharp and he got tagged. I figure he was tryin to get JDS to think about his leg kicks and striking which he did fairly well in for that short time and then shoot, he just hesitated too long. Wasnt a great game plan but then again even great game plans sometimes go awry for whatever reason or another(Chael vs. Anderson Silva being the best example i can think of)
    Nevertheless WAY to go Junior. That’s exactly what I wanted to see. Except they could’ve hurried up with all the jibberjab so I could watch Ben vs. Clay on a tv without my weak ass internet lagging. That was such a phenomenal fight and I feel bad for Clay just a little. That was a great example of Clay giving his best but his best just not being good enough. Both guys fought near perfect fights and someone just had to win. Ben’s gonna have so much trouble with Frankie its gonna be ridiculous.
    Dustin Poirier looked awesome in his fight too.

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    Superdave-I stand corrected-the rest of your post I agree with a hundred percent-I have been keeping an open eye on Poirier for a while now and think him and Koch would be a fight for the ages

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