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The Scorecard – UFC on FOX 1

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

When UFC on FOX was over I felt like Jason Biggs in American Pie. You know the scene where he has Shannon Elizabeth all alone in his room and she’s entertaining herself before he enters the room, performs a striptease, and is ready to lose his virginity to the hottest chick at school? Yeah, we all know what happens next. After all the build up and anticipation, Biggs prematurely celebrates leaving Elizabeth very disappointed. Yup. That about sums up how I felt between the hour of 9PM and 10PM EST on Saturday.

Lets got to the scorecard:

*The prelims were scheduled to start at 4:45PM. They didn’t start until 4:55PM. As a stickler for time, this was unacceptable. It was even more unacceptable that Matt Lucas vs. Aaron Rosa was the fight I had to wait 10 extra minutes for. MINUS TWO

*Lucas has a terrible nickname (“Luke Duke”), wore headphones during his walk out, and trains at Arizona Combat Team. He might be my new least favorite fighter. MINUS THREE

*Boy were there a lot of empty seats for the first prelim fight. While I can’t blame people for not caring about Rosa vs. Lucas, the fans should have been showing up very early for such a big event. MINUS ONE

*Was good to see “Big” John McCarthy in the cage for the first fight. PLUS TWO

*Lucas kept spitting out his mouthpiece. As if I needed another reason to dislike this guy. MINUS TWO

*If I never see another fight involving Lucas in my lifetime, it’ll be too soon. He’s officially my most disliked fighter. MINUS FIVE

*And who the hell scored that fight 28-28, actually giving it to Lucas if not for the point deduction? I scored the bout 30 to -30 for Rosa and feel that any other score is unacceptable. MINUS THREE

*To find at least one positive in the fight, Rosa looked decent at 205. PLUS TWO

*I’m pretty indifferent towards Mike Pierce, but the fact that he comes out to “Champion” by Metta World Peace makes him pretty cool. PLUS TWO

*Obligatory points for the obligatory Chuck Liddell mention during Pierce vs. Paul Bradley. PLUS THREE

*Pierce vs. Bradley was what it was: Two guys known for their wrestling who spent the majority of the fight kind of striking. After the first fight, this looked like Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin 1. PLUS TWO

*Arianny is still beautiful, Chandella is still lovely, WHERE WAS BRITTNEY?!?! MINUS THREE

*Holy crap, Alex Caceres came out and actually looked like a fighter and not an entertainer. PLUS FOUR

*I don’t know what happened to Cole Escovedo in this fight. Maybe he took Caceres lightly or maybe Caceres really has improved by leaps and bounds, but that was not a good performance by Escovedo. MINUS TWO

*I give a lot of credit to Caceres though. Easily the most impressive performance of his career and it looks like he’s found a home at 135. PLUS FOUR

*No walk outs for Mackens Semerzier and Robbie Peralta, which goes to show you how long the first three fights took. MINUS ONE

*Semerzier vs. Peralta was a fun, back and forth scrap while it lasted. PLUS FOUR

* I give Peralta a lot of credit for coming back after a slow first round against a tough veteran like Semerzier. PLUS TWO

*That said, the ending that started with an accidental headbutt was very unfortunate. MINUS ONE

*You would think that Joe Rogan would know that Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto has only been a bantamweight for a year now, and climbed the ranks as a featherweight. MINUS TWO

*Even though Yamamoto’s judo throw was awesome, he should have known better than to initiate a ground battle with Darren Uyenoyama. MINUS ONE

*Some excellent grappling by Uyenoyama to gain dominant positions, take the back, and nearly submit “Kid” before the bell sounded in the first round. PLUS THREE

*Once again, some excellent grappling by Uyenoyama in the second round after getting rocked with the left hand early in the round. Just a great job to get the takedown and take the back. PLUS FOUR

*Rogan sort of apologized for saying, “crackhead control” during the Uyenoyama vs. Yamamoto fight. Welcome to network television Mr. Rogan. At least Rogan recognized that he might not be able to say those things on these events. PLUS ONE

*Another disappointing performance by Yamamoto. I don’t think anyone expected him to light the UFC world on fire, but this was definitely a winnable fight for him. I hope he’s still a big deal in Japan, because that’s where he’s headed. MINUS THREE

*Awesome job by Uyenoyama. Even though Yamamoto isn’t what he used to be, that’s still a big win for him and he looked dominant in victory. PLUS FOUR

*Clay Harvison’s nickname is “Heavy Metal.” So of course he walks out to a song by Diddy. MINUS TWO

*DaMarques Johnson celebrating before the stoppage, earning the stoppage, and then asking for the Knockout of the Night bonus was awesome. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points for our first true finish of the night. PLUS THREE

*Great fight between Ricardo Lamas and Cub Swanson. Action packed for the seven minutes it lasted. PLUS FIVE

*Sweet finish by Lamas, submitting a very good Swanson with an arm triangle. PLUS THREE

*Extra points to the last two fights for not sucking and turning this card around. PLUS FOUR

*Really Joe, Lamas announces the death of his grandmother and the pregnancy of his sister-in-law and you still want to ask questions about the fight instead of giving your condolences and congratulations? Come on man. MINUS FOUR

*Credit to Mike Goldberg for acknowledging what Lamas said. PLUS THREE

*Props to Pablo Garza for walking out to “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine. Love that song. Plus Garza was singing it, which is always a plus to me. PLUS TWO

*Dear late arriving crowd, you don’t have permission to boo 30 seconds into the fight. You didn’t sit through Rosa vs. Lucas. MINUS FOUR

*Strong performance by Dustin Poirier. He bullied around Garza and locked on a sweet D’Arce Choke for the victory. PLUS FIVE

*Shame on the crowd for paying more attention to Michael Bisping than the fight. I seriously hate this crowd. MINUS FOUR

*Poirier is right there for a title shot. One more win over a top guy at 145 and I think he’ll earn himself a title shot. It’s been fun to watch his rise up the ranks. PLUS THREE

*I’m still extremely upset that Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida was online and not on television. FuelTV couldn’t put this fight on instead of interviews with irrelevant celebs? MINUS FOUR

*Both Guida and Henderson came out singing their walk out songs. Thus, both guys are awesome. PLUS THREE

*Yes, that first round was awesome. Some great exchanges and wrestling defense by both guys. PLUS FIVE

*Henderson has the best submission escapability in the world. PLUS THREE

*Guida vs. Henderson kicked all kinds of ass. One of the best fights all year. Great exchanges, great scrambles, great submission attempts, fast-paced. Just awesome. PLUS EIGHT

*Extra points because this fight was awesome and lived up to the hype. PLUS SIX

*Serious shame on FOX for not putting this fight on TV and shame on UFC for not making this fight the main event of UFC 138. It was an awesome fight that will actually get short changed because it wasn’t on TV or five rounds. MINUS FIVE

*Not a fan of the football music opening the UFC event. When I hear that music, I think Cam Newton, not Cain Velasquez. MINUS THREE

*I was skeptical about Brock Lesnar doing some pre-fight analysis, but after he cut off Dana White, who said, “He’s fought all the best wrestlers in the division” and corrected him, I was instantly sold on the idea. PLUS TWO

*Brock did a great job hyping his rematch with Cain. Just a shame that nothing is guaranteed in MMA and Cain has to get through Junior dos Santos while Lesnar has to get through Alistair Overeem. EVEN

*So after all that build….the fight went one minute. I know it’s hard to complain about a KO finish, but considering the circumstances, man, that felt disappointing. MINUS ONE

*That said, it was a pretty great one minute. Cain started strong with some good leg kicks and JDS proved why his power is second to none. PLUS FOUR

*Wow, Dana’s critiquing of Cain’s game plan of not going for a takedown was absolutely unnecessary and wrong. The fight went one minute. You can’t critique a one minute fight because anyone can get caught in a minute. What if Cain caught JDS? Or what if Cain tried a sloppy shot with no set up and got caught? It’s stupid. I understand that Dana was upset that the fight only went one minute, but praise JDS for his victory, don’t critique Cain. MINUS TEN

*Overall, this event under-delivered. It was built around one fight and that one fight only lasted a minute. I don’t know how anyone wasn’t disappointed in the end. MINUS THREE

Final Score: 32


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