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Martin Kampmann has a “hit” out on Rick Story

Martin Kampmann has been in the UFC since 2006 but is in the first two-fight losing streak of his career, and, as you might guess, that is something the “Hitman” does not enjoy

Kampmann, who meets Rick Story this Saturday night at UFC 139 in San Jose, California, has dropped decisions to Diego Sanchez and Jake Shields. Prior to those defeats, Kampmann had gone 4-1, including a win over Carlos Condit.

Now, with the prospects of possibly being cut from the premier MMA organization, Kampmann is looking to build off a win over Story this coming weekend.

“It sucks to have two losses on paper. Especially my last fight, I thought I won. I beat the snot out of Diego. It sucks to be on the wrong side of a decision,” said Kampmann, in a recent interview with UFC’s website. “(As for possibly being cut) I try not to focus on that. I don’t want to put more pressure on myself.”

Kampmann has enjoyed his life outside of Octagon over the past eight months, as his wife gave birth to a son, Xander. “I spend my spare time with him. I love it. It’s the greatest experience ever. You can’t describe it.”

Come Saturday night, however, a different Kampmann will be on display than the one Xander sees around home.

“I’m going to knock him out or submit him,” Kampmann said. “I don’t want a judges’ decision. I just want to finish the fight and get a win.”

Fans can catch Kampmann vs. Story on the UFC 139 PPV when it starts at 9:00 PM EST with preliminary pairings being show earlier on Spike TV and streaming through Facebook.


  • Dufresne says:

    Even if Kampmann loses he should absolutely not be cut. Just because judges are too stupid to recognize solid counter striking and reward reckless abandon and unproductive takedowns like each was a winning lotto ticket doesn’t mean he should be cut. Kampmann got shafted in the Shields fight and he got absolutely screwed in his decision loss to Sanchez.

    Before those two “losses” he was 8-2 in the UFC with wins over guys like Leites, Rivera, Condit, and Paulo Thiago. Hell, of those two losses, one was to Nate Marquardt at middleweight and the other was to Paul Daley who filled in for Swick on just over two weeks notice which isn’t much time to plan for a guy who throws that kind of leather.

    I’m not even the biggest Kampmann fan, but I do respect his attitude and demeanor and it’s frustrating to see a guy do everything needed to win a fight just to have some incompetent judges screw that up.

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  • edub says:


    I actually had Shields winning the fight with Jake, but it was super close. It also should be noted that it was right after Jake routed Hendo at 185lbs. It was a damn good showing against a guy who until Ellenberger planted him was a tough out for anybody.

    The Sanchez loss was IMO one of the worst decisions in UFC history. Just deplorable. Failed takedown attempts, one being successful, and a few good flurries apparently are more important than a completely dominant performance by Kampman.

    Martin is still a tough out for anybody in the WW division.

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  • MCM says:

    Agreed Gentlemen. I too think he beat Shields, but even that split dec. was when Shields was the #2 ranked WW on the planet. Kampmann should be in freaking title contention, and instead (through no fault of his own) he’s looking at a possible pink slip.

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  • edbuzz says:

    Martin Kampmann has great standup. I don’t understand why Rick Story is the favorite in this fight.

    I think Kampmann wins this one.

    I also don’t think Kampmann should be cut if he loses this one. He’s fighting top level talent, not bums.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Kampmann could have won the Shields fight but he was uncharacteristically tentative in unleashing his arsenal of strikes. I mean it was somewhat understandable given Jake’s grappling prowess, but it was a frustrating fight to watch. Very similar to Tim Kennedy vs. Jacare. Both fights were a bit lackluster, with very close outcomes, but I was fine with the decision rendered in each.

    The fight against Diego was a completely different story. I had the 1st round 10-8 when Kampmann absolutely busted him up. Even if scored 10-9 he still won that fight.

    Looking ahead to Saturday, regardless of the outcome the chances of Kampmann being cut are slim to none. He’s a very well-rounded fighter, who puts on exciting fights (other than the aforementioned Shields fight, but Jake will do that to guys), and he doesn’t carry the hefty price tag that is often times a huge factor in guys being let go (he made less than $30K last time out against Diego). He’s exactly the type of guy the UFC is fortunate to have in its stable. I think people are jumping to the lazy conclusion that a few losses means a guy is on the chopping block. I’ve been a broken record on here lately with this point — context & circumstances, people.

    Saturday’s fight is a tough call… I really hope one guy is able to finish the other, cuz another close decision with Kampmann on the short end would be pretty brutal.

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  • Martin can win this fight but he’s got to abandon his willingness to be well rounded and fight the other guys fight. In the Shields fight had he thrown knees instead of tryin to choke out arguably the best grappler at 170 he might’ve got the TKO or at best not gotten swept and put on his back. I understand Diego is a fugly mean lookin dude who always comes forward but Kampmann made him pay for it and continued to back off and SADLY octagon control seems to count for more than anything in a fight(up until Kock vs. Brookins at least, that fight showed the judges are coming around.)
    Martin needs to strike exactly as he struck against Diego and do his best to push The Horror Story back. I know that’s no eager task in the slightest as Rick Story does nothing but march forward throw ridiculous body shots and maul people for takedowns, but Martin can do it. I would love to see a rematch with him and Condit……I thought Carlos won that fight but nevertheless enjoyed that fight as much as I’ve enjoyed one in semi recent memory.

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