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Dan Henderson defeats Shogun Rua in a classic at UFC 139

The largest MMA organization in the world ends one of the most historic four week stretches in company history tonight with a PPV card that is stacked from top to bottom. Coming to us live from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, it’s UFC 137: Shogun vs. Henderson. As always, will provide complete results including a round by round recap of all the live televised action.

UFC 137 is headlined by a light heavyweight showdown of legends as former UFC champion Mauricio Rua battles former PRIDE and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson with the winner possibly earning a shot at the 205 lb title. In the co-main event, fan favorite Wanderlei Silva takes on kickboxing expert Cung Le. Also on the card is a bantamweight battle between former WEC champions Urijah Faber and Brian Bowles.


Danny Castillo def. Shamar Bailey via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Seth Baczynski def. Matt Brown via Submission Round 2 (Guillotine Choke)
Miguel Torres def. Nick Pace via Unanimous Decision
Gleison Tibau def. Rafael dos Anjos via Split Decision
Chris Weidman def. Tom Lawlor via Submission Round 1 (D’Arce Choke)


Michael McDonald vs. Alex Soto

Round One: Soto came out quickly but got caught with a right hand when he threw a leg kick that dropped him. McDonald followed up with flurry of punches but Soto managed to survive. McDonald stayed on him though, landed a huge uppercut, and then put him out cold with a couple of more punches. Excellent finish and performance by McDonald.

Result: Michael McDonald def. Alex Soto via KO Round 1 (Punches)

Ryan Bader vs. Jason Brilz

Round One: Both guys with a feeling out process although Bader seemed to be finding his range a bit better. Bader landed a straight right on the ear, which dropped Brilz and Bader landed a couple more shots before the ref jumped in.

Result: Ryan Bader def. Jason Brilz via KO Round 1 (Punches)


Stephan Bonnar vs. Kyle Kingsbury

Round One: Kingsbury clinched early and landed some nice knees to the body but Bonnar broke free and stumbled him with a left hook. Bonnar tried a throw from the clinch but Kingsbury blocked it and landed a good knee. Bonnar came up with a quick flurry though. Good pace to this fight with both guys throwing plenty of shots. Bonnar is the more aggressive of the two and he managed to get a takedown. Bonnar got the mount and rained down punches but the horn sounded before he could force a stoppage. Good ending to the round for Bonnar and he takes it 10-9.

Round Two: Bonnar got a takedown off a kick early and quickly moved into side control. Bonnar worked over Kingsbury on the ground, staying on top and landing short punches. Kingsbury couldn’t do anything off his back. Dominating round for Bonnar, easily 10-9 in his favor.

Round Three: Bonnar got the back on the feet about 30 seconds in and then dragged Kingsbury to the ground. Kingsbury was able to roll to his back but Bonnar stayed on top of him. Bonnar tried to set up a couple of different submissions but Kingsbury played good defense. Bonnar stayed on top of him and in side control the entire time, trying to create openings with punches. Another absolutely dominating round for Bonnar, who wins the round 10-9 and should win the fight 30-27.

Result: Stephan Bonnar def. Kyle Kingsbury via Unanimous Decision

Rick Story vs. Martin Kampmann

Round One: Story came out quickly with some power hooks but Kampmann moved away well and countered. Story trying to work the body. Kampmann trying to stay technical with his punches while Story is throwing almost nothing but power hooks. Kampmann landing a very good straight right. Kampmann doing a nice job breaking away with Story tries to clinch. Good round for both guys but Kampmann seemed to land the cleaner strikes. Could go either way but I have to give it 10-9 to Kampmann.

Round Two: Kampmann seems to have his range in this round, continuing to land the straight right at will. Story is landing a good right hook to the body and continues to throw everything into his punches. Kampmann managed a takedown on Story with a beautiful trip in the clinch. Kampmann didn’t do much on the ground, just stayed on top from the half guard position and looked for an arm triangle, but Story blocked it. Easy round for Kampmann thanks to the takedown and he’ll take it 10-9.

Round Three: Story came out aggressive, pushed Kampmann in the cage, and landed some good body shots. Kampmann did a nice job turning things around though and getting the back on the feet. Story managed to break away. Story got a half takedown but Kampmann immediately got up. On the feet, Kampmann continued to batter Story with the straight right. Kampmann again got the back on the feet and tried to suplex Story to the ground but Story stayed up and got free. They traded partial takedowns, but Kampmann again got on the back and this time dragged him down. Kampmann tried to finish with the choke but time ran out. Another round for Kampmann, who I have winning the fight 30-27.

Result: Martin Kampmann def. Rick Story via Split Decision

Urijah Faber vs. Brian Bowles

Round One: Faber using his speed early to get in and get out while Bowles is loading up on his right hand. Bowles looking to go to the body a bit. Faber continues to use feints and his speed to baffle Bowles a bit. Faber scores with a big takedown. Faber was able to posture to his feet, land some leg kicks, and then dive back on top with a couple of punches to end the round. Good round for Faber, who looks very comfortable on his feet. 10-9 for Faber.

Round Two: Big right hand by Faber stumbled Bowles. Faber followed up with a big knee that dropped him. Faber tried to finish with a flurry of punches but Bowles somehow survived. Faber landed some huge elbows as Bowles tried to stand up. Faber locked on a guillotine, moved to mount, and forced Bowles to tap out. Excellent finish and performance by Faber.

Result: Urijah Faber def. Brian Bowles via Submission Round 2 (Guillotine Choke)

Wanderlei Silva vs. Cung Le

Round One: Silva caught Cung with a right hook as Cung was coming in. Silva starting the fight very patient. Cung wobbles Silva a bit with a spinning back fist. Another spinning back fist drops Silva to a knee but he gets up. Cung throwing a lot of spinning back kicks but Silva moving away pretty well. Silva trying to counter every kick with an explosive of punches. Cung bleeding near the right eye. A series of kicks by Silva connects. Silva pressing forward to end the round and landing some very good flurries. A close first round but a slight edge to Cung based on the partial knockdown. Could go either way though. 10-9 to Cung.

Round Two: Silva winning all the striking flurries and really finding Cung’s chin with his right hand. Cung trying to keep the distance with kicks but Silva doing a nice job getting in side . Cung attacking the body with kicks. Silva making Cung pay every time he misses with a kick with a flurry of punches. Silva having a lot of success when he presses forward, but he’s not doing it quite enough. Big flurry and a right hand drops Cung. Silva follows up with some huge knees. Cung tries a takedown, Silva sprawls, lands some hammerfists, and the ref jumps in to stop it. Very questionable stoppage. Cung was hurt, but he seemed to know where he was.

Result: Wanderlei Silva def. Cung Le via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)

Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua

Round One: Big right hand by Hendo early has Rua shooting. Hendo goes for a front choke but can’t finish. Rua escapes and Hendo tees off on him as Rua covers against the cage. Rua regains his wits but eats another right hand. Rua tries to clinch and Hendo just throws him to the ground. Rua keeps trying for takedowns but Hendo easily stuffs them. Rua drops Hendo with a right. Hendo tries to grab a single but Rua stuffs it. Both guys get to their feet. Hendo loading up on the right. Lunging left by Rua. The round ends with Rua pushing Hendo against the cage. Very good first round. Slight edge to Hendo based on damage but Rua hung in there after getting rocked early. 10-9 for Hendo.

Round Two: Early clinch to start the round with Rua controlling. Elbow on the exit by Rua but Hendo fires back with the right. Big uppercut and a right by Hendo. Rua fires back though. Quick combo by Rua lands. Both men slugging away when they’re trapped against the cage. Rua’s face in busted up and he’s bleeding out of his nose. Rua is throwing the straighter punches but Hendo is coming right back with power hooks. Another good round with a slight edge to Rua as he landed the cleaner punches. 10-9 for Rua.

Round Three: Rua presses forward early and lands but Hendo comes right back with a couple of punches of his own. Big body kick by Rua. Rua using his jab nicely. Hendo lands a big right that drops Rua. Hendo tries to follow up and finish on the ground but Rua moves and covers. Hendo continues to pound away but Rua manages to survive and attack the leg. The ref looked close to stopping it but he let it go on. Rua gets to his feet and clinches. Rua’s face is an absolute mess. Rua just trying to rest in the clinch. Both guys seem dead tired. Rua gets a takedown and takes the back but Hendo gets up. Rua lands a flurry as the round ends. Fantastic round. No clue how Rua survived but he did. Hendo takes the round 10-9 though.

Round Four Rua lands a partial takedown but Hendo bounces back up. A great scramble with Hendo getting the crucifix, then mount, but Rua scrambling up. Jabs by Rua but Hendo scores a takedown. Hendo just laying in the guard of Rua. Hendo stands over Rua and dives in with a couple of punches. Rua manages to get up. Big uppercut but Rua wobbles Hendo. Hendo tries a takedown, Rua stuffs it, Rua follows with a flurry but Hendo fires right back. Rua scores with a takedown and moves to mount. Rua gets the back and tries a choke but Hendo escapes into guard as the round ends. Another fantastic round. Gotta give this one to Rua though as he did more damage. 10-9 to Rua.

Round Five: Hendo tries to clinch but Rua takes him down. Rua in side control landing knees to the body. Rua mounts, postures up, and rains down punches. Hendo trying to punch from his back. Rua with some more ground and pound. Hendo doing a nice job hipping to half guard but Rua always manages to get back to mount and rain down punches. Hendo moving just enough to survive. Rua has dominated this round but just doesn’t have enough to finish. The round ends with Rua in mount. Absolutely fantastic fight. Rua takes the final round 10-8 in my book and the fight 48-46. It was a very close fight though and honestly could go either way.

Result: Dan Henderson def. Mauricio Rua via Unanimous Decision

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