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The Scorecard – “UFC 139: Shogun vs. Hendo”

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

If you watched MMA on Saturday night, you saw two outstanding fights in the span of three hours. If you ever want to show your friends what MMA is all about, show them either main event from UFC 139 or Bellator 58. If they’re still not a fan of the sport after watching one of those fights, you should probably get some new friends. UFC 139 was a great way to cap off a historic four-week stretch for the UFC.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*Docking points already to Shamar Bailey for missing weight. One point for every pound over the maximum limit is the rule. MINUS TWO

*You’re killing me Shamar. You use “Requiem for a Tower” as your walk out song (a great song) but you’re way too pumped and had ear buds in. You’re falling into Matt Lucas territory man. MINUS FOUR

*Big credit to the crowd in the Danny Castillo vs. Bailey fight. There went many of them early, but they were making some noise. PLUS TWO

*Excellent performance by Castillo. Some great takedowns, excellent top control, and pinpoint ground and pound. Top notch stuff. PLUS FIVE

*Terrible performance by Bailey. He didn’t make weight and then showed absolutely nothing in the fight. Good riddance. MINUS FOUR

*Props to Castillo for calling out Bailey on missing weight. PLUS THREE

*Seth Baczynski gets points for coming out to “Drop The World” by Lil Wayne and Eminem. PLUS TWO

*Good action in the first round between Matt Brown and Baczynski. PLUS TWO

*Great submission battle in the second round with Baczynski fighting hard for the guillotine choke and Brown fighting hard to avoid it. Credit to Baczynski for not letting it go and eventually finishing it. PLUS THREE

*Come on Brown, another submission loss? MINUS TWO

*Just like Bailey, I have to dock points to Nick Pace for missing weight. MINUS FIVE

*Pace made up for it a little bit by coming out to “Headlines” by Drake and singing on his way out as well. By the way, I highly recommend Drake’s new album. That’s right, I do listen to artists not named Taylor Swift. PLUS TWO

*Not many people pull off the “I’m about to murder a man” look during their walk out better than Miguel Torres. PLUS ONE

*”Torres is trying to regain that karma,” says Mike Goldberg. Is karma something that can just be regained? I’m not really sure since My Name Is Earl went off air. MINUS TWO

*Arianny still beautiful, Chandella still lovely, and still no Brittney. MINUS THREE

*Solid performance by Torres. Active in all positions and it helped that Pace wanted nothing to do with him after the first round. PLUS FOUR

*But what the hell was that rolling kick at the end? Knock it off Miguel. MINUS ONE

*Also, I know he was pissed about Pace making weight, but he didn’t destroy him like Castillo did with Bailey. Sad thing is, he probably could have if he was more aggressive. MINUS THREE

*How in the heck was Rafael dos Anjos still standing after the flurry Gleison Tibau put on him in the second round? His parent blessed him with a hell of a chin. PLUS FOUR

*Solid scrap between Dos Anjos and Tibau. Both guys are tough fighters and they each turned in a respectable performance. PLUS FOUR

*Tom Lawlor never disappoints with his walk outs. It takes a real man to come out to “Lets Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John. PLUS THREE

*Chris Weidman is an excellent prospect. Great wrestling, improving jiu-jitsu, and his striking is slowly coming along. Definitely someone to keep an eye on in the near future. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points to Weidman for a brilliant submission. PLUS THREE

*Hell of a performance and finish by Michael McDonald. Alex Soto came out quickly and McDonald made him pay. PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to McDonald for showing some great killer instinct. PLUS TWO

*I’m immediately docking points to Ryan Bader vs. Jason Brilz for featuring Ryan Bader and Jason Brilz. MINUS THREE

*Good job by Bader putting Brilz away early. I always found Brilz to be overrated following the Antonio Rogerio Nogueira fight, and now people are realizing that he’s pretty mediocre. EVEN

*Extra points to Bader for ending it quick enough that I could switch over to Bellator to watch Mike Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez. PLUS TWO

*I admit that I missed everything up to the introductions of Stephan Bonnar vs. Kyle Kingsbury because I was watching Chandler vs. Alvarez. I do not regret my decision. Unfortunately, because this is a UFC 139 scorecard, I can’t give 100 points to Chandler and Alvarez. EVEN

*”And the whole crowd laughs, because they’re all children,” says Rogan went they move to north-south position. Yup, that about sums it up. PLUS ONE

*Absolutely dominating performance by Bonnar. Not the most exciting fight ever, but Bonnar did what he needed to do. He fought smart, worked for the finish, but Kingsbury played good defense. PLUS THREE

*I’m gonna need Kingsbury to work on his ground and at least learn how to create a scramble or something. MINUS THREE

*Good on Bonnar for coming clean about the whole Josh Koscheck situation. Of course if you don’t follow both guys on twitter, you probably had no clue what he was talking about. PLUS TWO

*Shame on the San Jose crowd for booing Bonnar when he mentioned Carlson Gracie. Also, shame on the San Jose crowd for booing pretty much the entire fight. Bonnar was working for a submission, but it’s tough to submit a guy who is only playing defense. MINUS FOUR

*Good start to the Martin Kampmann vs. Rick Story fight with Story coming out throwing bombs and Kampmann staying technical and countering. PLUS TWO

*Nice job by Kampmann sticking to the game plan. He fought a smart fight, maybe not an extremely exciting fight, but coming off two straight losses he really needed this victory. PLUS FOUR

*Points to Brian Bowles for walking out to some Johnny Cash. PLUS TWO

*CALIFORNIA LOVE! Urijah Faber’s walk out is always one of the best in the sport. PLUS FOUR

*Faber and Bowles were like, “Screw your no face off rule.” Good for them, this one definitely had a big fight feel. PLUS TWO

*Excellent performance by Faber. I know people discredit him because of his record in title fights and how UFC gives him special treatment, but Faber truly is a fantastic fighter. Great finish for “The California Kid.” PLUS FIVE

*Extra points to Faber for that finishing sequence. It truly was spectacular. PLUS FOUR

*Cung Le needs to pick a different walk out song. “Run This Town” belongs to Jose Aldo. MINUS TWO

*Nothing gets me more pumped for a fight than “Sandstorm.” Maybe that’s why I’m always so pumped when Wanderlei Silva fights. PLUS TWO

*So who else gasped a little every time Silva got hit, especially when he got dropped to a knee in the first round? Yup, me too. EVEN

*Nice of Cung to show up in shape for the biggest fight of his career. MINUS THREE

*Great finishing flurry by Silva. Awesome to see him use those knees again. PLUS FIVE

*Always great to see Wanderlei win. It was a very winnable fight, but nothing is certain with Silva and his chin at this point in his career. PLUS THREE

*That said, the stoppage was questionable. Cung was hurt, but he seemed to know where he was. You’ve got to give the guy a chance. MINUS TWO

*What’s up with no “Lunatic Fringe” for Dan Henderson’s walk out? Come on Hendo. MINUS TWO

*I’m not even going to put into words how great every single round of Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua was. It was an absolutely fantastic fight and neither man has anything to be ashamed of. They both displayed a ton of skill and heart in a five round war that would have made most men quit after three. PLUS TEN

*Seriously, the fight was amazing. There have been some great fights in the last few months, including Chandler vs. Alvarez on the same night, but I don’t think anyone would complain if Shogun and Henderson took fight of the year honors. PLUS TEN

*Thank God this fight was five rounds. It was a great fight through three but no one can deny that the extra two rounds made it an all-time classic. I’m not a fan of every single main event being five rounds (like Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz) but Rua vs. Henderson deserved to be 25 minutes before it happened and we’re all lucky it was 25 minutes. PLUS SEVEN

*All of that said, I do feel the need to take away points because of the judges. I hate to do it because the fight was so awesome but how could one judge give Bonnar two 10-8 rounds in his fight but no judge give Rua a 10-8 fifth round? MINUS THREE

*UFC 139 obviously delivered. The main event alone was worth the money but you add the main event with a very good fight between Silva and Cung and an outstanding performance by Faber and all three main fights lived up to the hype. PLUS TEN

Final Score: 79

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