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Dan Miller’s son earns family title of “Toughest Miller”

UFC middleweight Dan Miller has a reputation for fighting through adversity and it appears his infant son, Danny Jr., has inherited his father’s drive and determination.

Born with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a life-threatening disease causing cysts to develop on the afflicted individual’s kidneys, Miller Jr. was hospitalized only a few months into his life after suffering kidney failure and now undergoes daily dialysis treatments and physical therapy.

“He’s gone through way more than all of us combined, and he’s a trooper,” said Miller of his son in an interview with the UFC’s website. “He’s really strong, and way tougher than I am.”

“Jim and I have both said it in the past that he’s easily the toughest Miller,” continued the 30-year old while referencing younger brother (and UFC lightweight) Jim Miller.

Miller Jr. will undergo a kidney transplant in January which, if successful, should allow him to live a relatively normal life. However, the donor’s surgery has been deemed as “elective” leaving the family looking for financial assistance to help deal with the cost of the procedure as well as required medication. As a result, Miller recently set up the Daniel James Miller Foundation with an eventual goal of helping raise money for other families affected by PKD.

In addition to donations, Miller’s gym in New Jersey (AMA Fight Club) will also be holding a fundraiser on December 3. Interested parties learn more about the gathering, as well as how to help, by checking out the foundation’s Facebook page.


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