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Jon Jones believes he’s figured out the key to beating Lyoto Machida

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is a complete MMA fighter. “Bones” spends just as much time in the gym training as he does outside of it, breaking down his opponent and finding their weakness.

In Lyoto Machida, the next challenger to Jones’ reign as UFC 205-pound champion, the Greg Jackson-trained fighter feels like he is understanding what makes “The Dragon” so strong – and so weak at the same time.

“I know myself. I know my weaknesses, I am not naïve to them,” Jones said in a UFC interview promoting the event. “And I am starting to understand my opponent. I am starting to understand what makes Lyoto, Lyoto. Where he’s strong, where he’s weak. I will defeat Lyoto Machida. I believe that it’s my destiny to be the UFC champion for many years.”

Jones has already successfully defended his crown once this year against a former UFC title-holder, having earned a submission victory over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. He was scheduled to meet Rashad Evans, but Evans was forced to pull out of the planned bout due to a hand injury. Instead, “Bones” gets another in the form of Machida.

“I’ve always felt confident with martial arts, and I always knew that I would fight Lyoto one day,” Jones said. “Lyoto’s a great opponent, man, he’s game. I think he takes this sport seriously. I think he’s unpredictable, he’s fast. Lyoto loves distance and I love distance, but I have the longer limbs, and I believe I’m just as fast.”

Machida and Jones will face off at the main event of UFC 140 on December 10 in Toronto.

Check out the interview below:


  • Rece Rock says:

    “I believe that it’s my destiny to be the UFC champion for many years.”

    Hey bones Steven Seagal has a different destiny in store for you.

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  • I hope this is a fight with two of the most diverse and dynamic fighters ever using their insane strikes to entertain the crowd and make us ooohhh and ahhh for 25 minutes straight…I dont think so though. Jones is going to come out aggresive and put Machida on his back and probably snatch a tko that way otherwise his pretty striking could get him in trouble.

    And I know I say that every time Bones fights and so far Im wrong everytime but hey even a broken clock is right twice a day right?

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    Good point with the clock superdave-My gut says Jones by dismantling by the second-But if Lyoto finally gets angry and goes off-This fight could be an instant high level back and forth strikefest to the end-Also Lyoto is extremely good at the clinch with his sumo background and is very hard to hold down

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Shogun already figured it out. Rush Machida, back him up, and put your hands on him. Not easy to do, perhaps, but Shogun proved it can be done.

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  • MickeyC says:

    Did not take long for “humble” Jones to leave the building.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Bones is the best fighter to ever step in the ring. He is a brilliant wrestler, his gnp is top class (prolly the best), he striking is top class.
    The guy out wrestles the best wrestlers and out strikes the best strikers. He is a freak, a real prodigy. He is helped by his massive reach and calm yet aggressive style.
    He has what made Fedor, Silva and GSP great in one fighter.
    He is the first REAL super star.
    Im just waiting for him to sub a bjj elite fighter and ya know what, I almost expect it.

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