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The Scorecard – The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

The show that put the UFC on the map came to an end on their original network as the SpikeTV era of The Ultimate Fighter officially ended this past Saturday night. It wasn’t a night that fight fans will soon forget though as two more TUF champions were crowned and the bully beatdown his victim in the nights main event. It was a hell of a run for “the little show that could” on the network that has gone through more programming changes than Plankton’s computer wife, but like all good things it came to an end.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*The UFC seemed to be doing a pre-show on Facebook with Jon Anik and Stephan Bonnar and then immediately cut away after about three minutes. A Facebook pre-show isn’t such a terrible idea, although Bonnar was pretty bad for the handful of moments he was on screen. MINUS ONE

*Was great to see Miesha Tate in the corner of Bryan Caraway, mainly because it was great to see Miesha Tate. PLUS TWO

*Why do I get the feeling that Miesha picked Caraway’s walk out music of “Push It” by Salt-N-Peppa? We all know who wears the MMA shorts in that relationship. EVEN

*I’m pretty sure Miesha could have defeated Dustin Neace on this night. He showed absolutely nothing in his fight. MINUS TWO

*I give credit to Caraway though. He used his wrestling well, did good on the scrambles, and showed some great control on top. Everyone says he has the talent, he just needs to get over the mental hurdle. PLUS THREE

*Shame Akira Corassani got hurt and was replaced by Josh Clopton, who lost to Neace, who just showed nothing against Caraway. Poor card order by UFC. MINUS ONE

*Some excellent work in the plum clinch by Steven Siler throughout the fight. PLUS THREE

*Good action between Siler and Clopton. Even though Clopton took a beating in the clinch, he hung tough and tried to make it a fight in the third with his wrestling. PLUS THREE

*I love “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc so I approve of Roland Delorme using it as his walk out song. And since he probably didn’t make much more than a dollar as his salary, it was a pretty fitting song. PLUS TWO

*Great ground battle between Delorme and Josh Ferguson in the first round. Both guys stayed active, went for submissions, and fought out of bad positions. PLUS FOUR

*That said, I have to take points away from Delorme for trying for an Omoplata when he had a Triangle Choke. When the hell has an Omoplata ever finished a fight? MINUS ONE

*Great finishing sequence by Delorme. He capitalized on the knockdown and immediately got the submission. I know my buddy Samer Kadi is a big fan of knockdowns that lead to submissions so I’m sure he approved of this finish. PLUS FOUR

*Extra credit to Delorme, who is now 2-0 against the Ferguson brothers. I hope they don’t have a third one. PLUS TWO

*I’ve never heard “Big Bad John” by Jimmy Dean before but I can’t knock any man that comes out to a song that has his name in the title. That’s why my walk out song will always be “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam. PLUS TWO

*John Albert proved to be big and bad with his victory over Dustin Pague. He dropped him early with a right hand and then tied his arm behind his head while punching him in the face. That was some MAN work right there. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points to Albert for using a move called the “gift wrap” in December. I’m sure that wasn’t the kind of present Pague was hoping for this month. PLUS THREE

*I think Albert was trying to Dougie on his way out of the cage but clearly hasn’t watched the Kate Upton video enough. MINUS ONE

*UFC needs to figure out a better way to kill time between preliminary fights. How about showing the latest fight from someone on the main card or someone on an upcoming show? Little things like that go a long way. MINUS TWO

*Chandella is still lovely, Arianny is still beautiful. Someone buy Mike Goldberg a thesaurus for Christmas. MINUS THREE

*Are TUF contestants not allowed to be sponsored? No one of the preliminary card had a banner and they all wore their team colored shorts. That’s kind of like taking money out of their pockets. MINUS FOUR

*Marcus Brimage vs. Stephan Bass was a fun scrap. I really liked Brimage’s striking, except in the third round when he wanted to trade a little too much and got away from the leg kicks. PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to Brimage for all those inside leg kicks. Those were nasty. PLUS TWO

*SOMEONE SPONSOR MARCUS BRIMAGE! The man is a fountain of charisma. EVEN

*I enjoyed Brimage’s college football poem, but I think I have a better one. It goes like this: tournaments are the best, screw the BCS. EVEN

*I know I say this every TV broadcast but it’s always nice to watch some fights between the 500 commercials. MINUS FOUR

*Louis Gaudinot with cornrows, Johnny Bedford with short hair. These guys can’t be changing up their psychical appearance, otherwise it’s like I watched 10 weeks for no reason. MINUS TWO

*If Gaudinot’s corner really told him, “you’re going to win and you’re going to take him down” then he needs a new corner. I’m all for trying to inspire your fighter, but did they not see the first two rounds? MINUS THREE

*Great performance by Bedford. I loved how he went to the body on the feet and on the ground. He smartly used his size and punished Gaudinot for having the audacity to step into the cage with him. PLUS FOUR

*Even though Gaudinot is a natural flyweight, dude needed to show something in this fight. I hope he enjoys fighting at 125 on the local scene until UFC finally adds the division in about five years. MINUS TWO

*Poor officiating by Steve Mazagatti, who stopped the fight too late, and poor match-making by Joe Silva, who should have matched a small bantamweight like Gaudinot with another small bantamweight like Josh Ferguson. MINUS FIVE

*Great fight between Yves Edwards and Tony Ferguson. Some very good exchanges and a great variety of striking. Both guys showed a lot, especially Yves, who I thought might be done after his KO loss to Sam Stout but hung tough against a good prospect with a lot of power. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points to this fight because it was very fun to watch. PLUS THREE

*That said, I have to take off points for the judging. I had it 29-28 for Yves and even though I can’t complain too much about Ferguson taking the decision, how did two judges give him the third round? Yves was definitely getting the better of things in the final frame. MINUS THREE

*For such a little guy, John Dodson packs a hell of a punch. PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to Dodson for his speed and brutal left hook. Even though he’s undersized, he uses his speed well and has the power to compete at 135. Will be interesting to see how he moves forward. PLUS FOUR

*I wonder if Dana White was as pissed off at T.J. Dillashaw as he was at Cain Velasquez for not immediately shooting for a takedown. MINUS ONE

*The stoppage by Herb Dean was questionable as Dillashaw seemed to be regaining his wits as Dodson swarmed on him. I don’t think it was the worst stoppage ever, but I also don’t think it was a great stoppage either. MINUS ONE

*Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez was 100 kinds of awesome. Bermudez was rocked, then Brandao was rocked, then Bermudez tapped. It told the story of an entire fight in just under five minutes. Quite possibly the round of the year. PLUS EIGHT

*Extra points to Brandao vs. Bermudez for its greatness. I thought it would be fireworks early due to Brandao’s style but I never expected it to be the Fourth of July. PLUS SIX

*Jason Miller couldn’t really deliver a classic entrance due to the short walk, but he did his best with what he was given. EVEN

*You wouldn’t think that having Kevin James in your corner would be useful, but since Miller considers himself a monkey, having The Zookeeper give you advice makes sense. PLUS ONE

*Michael Bisping vs. Miller was just sad to watch on a bunch of different levels. The first round was sad because of how Bisping complained about Miller being on top of him and rounds two and three were sad because Miller did almost nothing in those rounds. MINUS THREE

*However, I did like Miller’s strategy of staying on one knee and asking Bisping to kick or knee him in the head in order to earn a DQ. PLUS ONE

*Miller usually has better cardio, having gone five rounds before, but he was absolutely gone in the second round of this fight. I thought Bisping was a bad style fight for Miller, but I expected Miller to offer up a little bit more than he did. MINUS FIVE

*I enjoyed Bisping’s honest assessment of his performance during his post-fight interview. Unlike Rogan and Goldberg, who were gushing over his victory, Bisping knew it wasn’t that great and knew that he’s not ready for Anderson Silva. PLUS FOUR

*Overall it’s tough to complain about the event. We got some good fights, some great performances, and one of the best rounds of the year. The main event was underwhelming but it’s not like it was a terrible fight and extremely boring. PLUS SEVEN

Final Score: 46

For a more in-depth look at the event listen to tomorrow’s podcast with myself and Samer Kadi as we’ll review The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale and preview this weekend’s UFC 140 PPV.

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