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Tito Ortiz ready to retire in 2012

Light heavyweight legend Tito Ortiz knows his career is in the twilight years now. However, that doesn’t mean “The People’s Champ” will just lay down and let his final opponents walk all over him.

Ortiz will look to rebound from a loss to Rashad Evans when he meets Antonio Rogerio Nogueira this Saturday night at UFC 140 from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For Ortiz, this fight marks the 26th time he will step foot inside the Octagon, a UFC record. Overall, Ortiz is 16-9-1 in his career, including eight victories via knockout

“The finish line’s there for me. I’ve done everything underneath the sun in MMA, and it’s time for me to change this chapter of my life,” said Ortiz, in a recent interview with the UFC’s website. “I’ve got this fight and I got one more after it to finish my contract out. I’ve been competing for 15 years and that’s been my goal – to compete as a UFC fighter for 15 years.”

Ortiz is training as hard as ever for the Nogueira bout, but by the tone of his voice, you can tell he knows the end is just around the corner.

“I think I’ll miss the competition the most and competing against the best guys in the world,” Ortiz said. “I’m still young, I’m just going to be turning 37, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome and I don’t want to torture my body.”

UFC 140 will feature a main event between UFC 205-pound champion Jon Jones defending his title against former title-holder Lyoto Machida in addition to a bout between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir.



    Sounds like a plan-Would be nice if he could beat Lil Nog and then retire in the cage-The reality is he will probably lose to Lil Nog and then lose to one more opponent before he calls it quits

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  • MCM says:

    I can’t believe how many people are writing Tito off against Lil Nog? OK, maybe I can, but I thought he could beat him back in March when this fight was supposed to happen the first time. I think his wrestling and top control will be the deciding factor.
    That said, if Tito does win, I hope he calls it quits and doesn’t try to finish out the contract, like Gike said. If not, for his final fight I’d like to see him against The Janitor or bring Soral out of banishment and finally get that fight done.

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  • But the real question Tito is why now? Why not 3 years ago when The Dragon made you look like a fool?
    I doubt he’ll beat Lil Nog. Tito may have some GnP left in him but Phil Davis could hardly keep Lil Nog down neither could Bader but I just dont Tito being able to do so too him and when standing in the pocket Rogerios left hand is going to come sweeping through and start the end to The Huntington beach bitc… Bad boy’s night…then he’ll lose again and retire.

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  • YetiLee says:

    @Dave – Just curious when exactly did Machida make Tito look like a fool? Was it before he spent most of the fight backing up scared to engage Tito or was it after Tito caught him in the triangle and almost made him tap?

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  • climbarock says:

    C’mon now. Tito’s triangle was a hail mary submission attempt, he’d been completely outclassed the entire fight.

    Tito isn’t as good a wrestler as Phil Davis or Bader, and his striking isn’t anything to write home about either. Lil Nog wins this.

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  • Well yetilee considering that Tito landed maybe one strike each round up until the 3rd and got battered all fight…dropped with one of the most beautiful body knees ever, held Machida in a submission for 10 seconds and STILL lost all 3 rounds…..I’d say he looked pretty foolish.

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    I still find myself watching the replay of the Machida/Ortiz fight whenever I can catch it being shown on UFC unleashed-I know Tito got outclassed but the allure lies with the fact that Machida couldn’t take that OG of MMA out and Tito fought til the end without getting stopped-Display of heart from a guy who damn near fought his entire career in the Major Leagues of modern day gladiator combat

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