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UFC 140 Real Time Press Conference Highlights

With only a few days to go before light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones looks to go 4-0 in 2011 with three wins over former champions, anticipation for the event couldn’t be higher as fans ready themselves to see “Bones” take on Lyoto Machidaat UFC 140 in what many feel will be the dynamic 24-year old’s stiffest challenge to date.

Before the two talented 205ers meet in the Octagon they will take to the stage this afternoon in Toronto to discuss the bout, as will fellow main card opponents Tito Ortiz/Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Frank Mir/Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. UFC President Dana White will also be on hand.

Things kick off at 1:00 PM EST and Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in to relay live results back to readers as they unfold in real time.

Read below to check out all the scintillating soundbytes and relevant nuggets of information plucked from the proceedings:

Jon Jones

– Thinks he has gotten more and more respect amongst the MMA community since beating Quinton Jackson, says he just needs to win and everything else will take care of itself
– Doesn’t have any interest in picking his opponents
– Knew he would eventually fight Machida anyways as he will against Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson
– Tells himself there’s no other place than in the cage he should be each time right before his fights, feels he’s blessed to know what he was put on the planet for / “This is my zone. This is my place. This is my house.”
– Thinks MMA is one of the safest sports out there / “Yeah, we take risks, but this is what we chose to do with our lives.”
– Loves the viral video of Machida inserted into “The Karate Kid”
– Has learned a lot about Machida’s style and picked up on some tendencies after studying tape, won’t reveal specifics for obvious reasons
– Knows he’s not invincible because he’s seen other people in similar positions fall, plus he’s surrounded by fantastic fighters at Greg Jackson‘s gym / “I stay on the prowl. I always work hard. I’m four years into my MMA career and there’s still so much I don’t know…There’s so much great stuff that my teammates are way better than me at.”

Lyoto Machida

– Feels he is more prepared to fight for the title now than he was the first time based on having matured
– Loves fighting in Canada
– Has been training the entire time since his last fight but nothing specific, just trying to improve all-around
– Believes he’s changed a lot since losing to Mauricio Rua and “Rampage”, feels he is more mature as a fighter now
– Did not train with Anderson Silva for the fight but talked and watched some videos he sent
– Knows there is some pressure to win based on his popularity in Brazil but doesn’t concern himself with it

Frank Mir

– Lets performance speak for itself and doesn’t worry about the respect he gets from fans as long as he’s consistently winning\
– Thinks Nogueira underestimated him the first time they’ve fought
– No longer prepares for the person but rather gets ready for the toughest fight possible so he’s okay in any position
– Talks about how barbaric boxing is and that says the NFL has taken the UFC’s lead by making players sit out after being concussed rather than taking to the field again

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

– Thinks MMA is the #2 sport in Brazil behind soccer
– “Is no excuse. He won the fight. He was faster….Now I gotta chance to face him, I want to show it’s a different fight. I will try to do my best…”
– Was thrilled to be fighting on the same card with his brother and assisted in their training because they could spar against each other and bring in more people to help them based on both having camps, had missed doing that as they had while fighting for PRIDE
– Is not worried about losing his title, understands there’s always the risk but “with great risk comes great reward”

Tito Ortiz

– Feels personal satisfaction in fighting three times this year after undergoing some of the surgeries on his neck/back he endured
– Says he’s there for his fans which is why he’s now the “People’s Champ” / “I want to be an inspiration in people’s lives.”
– Refuses to answer a question from Ariel Helwani, saying he doesn’t like him, but still replies after White ribs him
– Changed his image and nickname based partially on his family too
– Believes in karma and he plans on good things happening to him in the future based on his change in lifestyle
– Mentions he’s fought for 15 years and is relatively fine while many boxers take serious brain damage based on standing eight counts
– Has no regrets about not fighting Chuck Liddell a third time, is very thankful for how things played out

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

– Says UFC Rio dramatically increased MMA’s popularity in Brazil
– Thinks it will be a special night on Saturday
– Knows this is a very important fight and will not let the opportunity pass him by

Dana White

– Isn’t sure what to expect in the main event other than it being a great fight based on both styles / “This is gonna be a fun fight.”
– Acknowledges the importance of Mir/Nogueira
– Is now a believer in Jones / “It’s pretty clear this guy is here to stay and is the real deal.”
– Credits fans with picking fighters based on style/personality rather than nationality / “People aren’t buying tickets to watch Lyoto Machida come in here and give a speech.”
– Again brings up the concept of a World Cup with Ultimate Fighter, says they’re casting the Brazilian version on Monday
– Says they may do a stadium show this summer in Brazil
– Names Georges St. Pierre as the most popular Canadian in sports and responds to the jeers by pointing out the love he experiences overseas and in Asia
– Jokes that he’s told Jones he’s taking a mandatory vacation no matter what happens after such a busy year
– Is not a fan of Ortiz’s new nickname because of how long he’s been known as “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy”
– “The next ten years are a lot more important than the last ten. We’ve still got a lot of work to do.”
– Not concerned about GSP’s future because knee injuries happen to athletes all the time
– Looking for new commentary talent starting next year to help with their expansion
– Will know by next week how the Strikeforce talent will pan out in terms of bringing more fighters over
– Evans will get a title-shot if he beats Phil Davis at UFC on FOX 2 but the same may not be true in return if Davis wins

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