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Lyoto Machida reflects on UFC 140 title-fight against Jon Jones

For the first five minutes of Saturday night’s UFC 140 light heavyweight title-fight between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida, it seemed as if “The Dragon” had solved the puzzle that is “Bones.”

However, after receiving a powerful elbow to the head that left him cut open, Machida was choked out by Jones in the second round, dropping his record to 1-3 in his last four UFC bouts after opening his career up with sixteen straight wins.

Machida looked as if he had figured out how to avoid the long reach of Jones in the early stages, rocking the champion with a few kicks and punches of his own.

“The preparation was tougher in all aspects,” said Machida in an interview with Tatame. “We went there and tried to do our job. We set a game plan that, from where I’m standing, until a certain moment, was working. But, he landed that elbow and I got dizzy, I couldn’t see things straight anymore and it disturbed me because I couldn’t see.”

Machida seemed to be ahead on the scorecards in the eyes of many, but when the views of the fight judges were revealed later, Jones had won the opening round on two of the three cards, much to the surprise of Machida.

“There was a guy from the event who came to talk to me because he argued with the judges because they had scored the win for him, and he asked how could they do it, and they said that only on the replay they really saw it, so it was confusing,” Machida said. “But we never know how they evaluate it, if they have enough time to do it, so we gotta see their side too, but it’s an athlete’s life and career that is on line there.”

For now, Machida said he plans on continuing his training and awaiting word from the UFC who they would like to set him up against next.


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